How does emergency contraception work?
Emergency contraception is sometimes also called, ‘the morning after pill’.  It is a hormonal combination very similar to birth control pills which aims to prevent the release of an egg for ovulation in a specified time window after unprotected sex.

How quickly should you take emergency contraception?
Ideally, within 24 hours but the window lasts for 72 hours but the sooner the better.  If you take the morning after pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex then the risk of pregnancy is somewhere between 1% and 2%.

Is emergency contraception just for those who have not used other forms of protection?
There are many reasons why people resort to emergency contraception.  A sudden realisation that you have forgotten to take the birth control or contraceptive pill is one or, taking antibiotics whilst on the pill is another and one that people sometimes forget about.  But

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