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Monthly Archives: January 2021

  1. For Travel: To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate?

    For Travel: To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate?

    In a country that is relatively free of serious diseases, it is easy to be brazen about having vaccinations before you travel abroad, but not all parts of the world have the same  disease-free status as the UK for illnesses like measles. Plus, there may be specific diseases which you probably should be vaccinated against depending on where you intend to travel to. If you are looking for the latest advice and guidance about vaccinations then visit our travel clinic in Kingston upon Thames. Pearl Chemist Group also has a travel clinic in Tooting.

    There exists a lot of information online about the required vaccinations for travel and some people rely on high street favourites like Boots for advice about their travel vaccinations.

    What kind of information can a chemist or pharmacist provide you with before you travel:

    • A pharmacist can provide information
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  2. Are Travel Vaccinations Safe During Pregnancy?

    Are Travel Vaccinations Safe During Pregnancy?

    The general rule is that it is best to avoid travelling to countries which may require you to have a vaccination whilst you are pregnant. Travel vaccinations when pregnant are not recommended and the way to avoid the risk is to simply not travel to those countries, if at all possible.  If you want more advice and information about safe travel vaccines while you are expecting a baby, then contact Pearl Chemist Group’s travel clinic in Banstead or travel clinic in Wimbledon.

    Live vaccines are thought to pose the greatest risk of all vaccinations during pregnancy as the vaccine contains a small amount of live virus which could potentially harm the baby. Live vaccines include:

    • MMR – Measles, Mumps and Rubella which may be a problem in the destination country
    • BCG vaccination which protects against Tuberculosis
    • Oral Typhoid
    • Yellow Fever
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  3. Benefits of Medicine's User Reviews

    Benefits of Medicine's User Reviews

    A Medicines User Review is a free NHS service offered by many pharmacies including Pearl Chemist Group.  Our Medicines User Review service offers a private consultation where we can meet a patient to discuss their medication.  This is an opportunity to ask any questions and understand why certain medicines have been prescribed and how they should be stored.

    How does medication user review benefit patients?

    There are lots of advantages to this free and confidential service and these includes:-

    • an opportunity to ask questions about different medications and why they have been prescribed
    • A chance to gain a greater understanding of how certain medicines work
    • A review provides a forum to discuss side effects and the long term use of certain drugs
    • The patient may feel that certain medicines are no longer necessary in which case the pharmacist can signpost them back to their GP
    • Patients
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  4. What Services Do Sexual Health Clinics Provide?

    What Services Do Sexual Health Clinics Provide?

    Sexual health clinics provide a range of services including sexual health tests, which most people know about, but they also provide many other sexual health services which might not be so widely known about. Pearl Chemist Group can provide a guide to sexual health services in your area and also offer sexual health services in Wandsworth.

    Most sexual health clinics offer a range of services including testing for STDs – Sexually Transmitted Diseases – which is the most common reason for people to use their services. However, they also offer sexual health advice and sexual health information on issues such as contraception and pregnancy. Not all clinics offer every service but a large sexual health clinic in London, for instance, would be expected to offer all of the following services:

    • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases – STDs
    • Advice and i
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  5. Health Matters: Stop Smoking – What Works?

    Health Matters: Stop Smoking – What Works?

    Smoking is one of the biggest causes of illness and death in the UK. Each year, around 80,000 people die from smoking-related diseases with many more suffering with conditions caused by smoking. Smoking also increases your risk of developing more than 50 serious health conditions including many different types of cancer, heart disease and stroke, which can be fatal, plus other conditions which may cause irreversible damage to your health. Stopping smoking can be one of the best health decisions you will ever make but it is not easy and most people need support to quit.  Pearl Chemist Group offers stop smoking services in Mitcham and a free stop smoking clinic in Streatham.

    Smoking Matters

    Smoking matters not just for your own health but for those around you as passive smoking – where other people inhale your smoke – can be just as serious, particularly for children and pregnant women. So what are the benefits to you

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  6. How to manage your medicines during an emergency?

    How to manage your medicines during an emergency?

    There are times when medicines are required in an emergency and the usual prescriber might not be the best available route or it may not be possible for them to prescribe in those circumstances.  Did you know that your pharmacist provides an emergency medicines service?  Subject to certain conditions, Pearl Chemist Group can offer emergency medicine, find out more about this service and the circumstances in which we can prescribe.

    Emergency medicines service
    If you run out of medicines and are in an emergency situation, we will be able to help you and prescribe emergency medicine when there is no-one else available to do it.  There are certain conditions which surround the emergency medicines service:-

    • we normally need to see the patient face to face
    • you must have been prescribed the medicine before
    • our pharmacist must agree that
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