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Monthly Archives: May 2021

  1. How to Get Quick Relief from Stomach Pain?

    How to Get Quick Relief from Stomach Pain?

    Generally a stomach ache isn't serious. You may have eaten too much, something that doesn’t agree with you, feel bloated due to wind or swallowed too much air whilst eating or drinking.

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  2. Fit to Fly: Your Guide to Pre-Travel PCR Tests

    Fit to Fly: Your Guide to Pre-Travel PCR Tests

    COVID-19 has interfered with travel significantly in the past year and a half. Countries all over the world have restrictions concerning travellers entering their countries, and UK travellers are no exception. No matter what destination you are travelling to, you are likely to need a Fit to Fly certificate in order to even commence your journey. You'll need a negative PCR Fit to Fly test performed and confirmed within 72 hours prior to boarding your plane. If you are having some difficulty grasping what is needed or how to jump through all of the hoops necessary to fly these days, you are not alone. Pearl Chemist Group is here to clarify and help you get your Fit to Fly certificates with ease. If you are looking for easy, quick and competitively priced Fit to Fly COVID-19 PCR Tests in Wandsworth, Wimbledon or all over London, book online with us now.

    What is a Fit to Fly travel certificate?

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  3. Benefits of and Concerns Regarding Rapid Antigen Tests

    Benefits of and Concerns Regarding Rapid Antigen Tests

    It has been over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic started and most countries have now instituted some form of management by testing. There are essentially three main types of tests that are currently in use.

    3 Main Covid Tests and Their Function
    The PCR test  is the “gold standard” that is used for travel

    The Lateral flow test (LFW), which is also called the Rapid Antigen Test, is more often used in a work scenario where daily or frequent tests are required or if one has any symptoms

    The antibody/serology test is used to determine if the patient has immunity to Covid-19.

    When Should I Get the Rapid Antigen Test?
    Lateral Flow tests are now recommended as a matter of course in order to control the spread of coronavirus.  If you are looking for Rapid Antigen Swab Testing in Lon

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  4. How to Get a Repeat Prescription?

    How to Get a Repeat Prescription?

    Good news! There is a way, you no longer have to visit the GP and chemist every time you need to reorder a prescription! All you have to do is nominate us for your repeat prescriptions and our repeats reminder service will do the rest.

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  5. How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight and Belly Fat?

    How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight and Belly Fat?

    After this past year, we may all be carrying around a few extra unwanted pounds. Some of that weight might be visceral fat - or belly fat - which lies behind the abdominal wall.  This kind of fat is the most unwanted kind, as visceral fat is the kind of fat that lends to heart disease and poor health.  If you are thinking about giving weight loss a go but just have not found the motivation to get going, you may want to consider weight loss services in your local area. Pearl Chemist Group offers adult weight loss management servicesin London, Banstead and throughout the UK for partnership and support in your efforts.

    Weight loss is a personal decision and whether you decide to seek support for it or do it on your own, the choice is completely up to you.  While you are deciding, keep in mind that statistically you stand a better chance of long term success if you join up with

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  6. How to Cure a Sore Throat?

    How to Cure a Sore Throat?

    Having a sore throat can be more than a mild inconvenience. It can interfere with swallowing, it can cause pain and it can be a sign or a part of a more serious illness.

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  7. How to Maintain Sexual Health?

    How to Maintain Sexual Health?

    Sexual health is important to maintain at any age. Whether you are  just starting out in your sexual health journey or are in the golden years of sexual health, there is a universal truth - which is prevention. Sexual health encompasses many elements of sexual life, from remaining emotionally healthy allowing engagement in meaningful and safe relationships to maintaining physical health which allows you to engage with others at full capacity and remain STD free. There are many secrets for good sexual health, but it comes down to finding an individual who is on the same page as you whom you can trust. Comprehensive and confidential sexual health services are available in Wandsworth to help you maintain your sexual health, at any stage in your sexual development.

    How Do I Maintain My Sexual Health?

    • Understand it - you should understand how to stay safe
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  8. How to Get Rid Of Cold and Flu with Home Remedies?

    Colds and flu are very unpleasant illnesses with varying symptoms from mild to rendering you bed-bound in the most severe cases. Often, home remedies are the best course of action - especially if you are experiencing mild symptoms.

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  9. How Long Does it Take to Stop Smoking?

    How Long Does it Take to Stop Smoking?

    When we quit smoking it seems like we will never stop craving cigarettes. Usually, that craving is the first and strongest sign of withdrawal but will fade the longer a person goes without smoking. It can be difficult to remain strong and stay committed to quitting without support behind you. Whether you buddy up with a friend or join a support group, it is strongly recommended that you find some support. If you are looking to join a stop smoking service, please consider Pearl Chemist Group. With our stop smoking services in Mitcham and a free stop smoking clinic in Streatham we offer you a multitude of supportive services to help you quit for good.

    We applaud you for considering smoking cessation as we know how difficult it can be to take that first step and start looking up information as to how to do it. Statistically, you will have a better chance with support, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a go on your own. You can quit smoking, mil

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