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Monthly Archives: July 2021

  1. A Complete Guide to Health Check-Ups

    A Complete Guide to Health Check-Ups

    When you hit the big 4-0, it’s a good time to take stock of your physical health and schedule a health MOT. By the age of 40, even if you’ve taken great care of yourself, your body might be showing a bit of wear and tear. It might be even more noticeable if you haven’t focused on health and fitness in your younger years. You might find the scales creeping up, experience a bit of huffing whilst going up the stairs or have just noticed a few new niggles. Pearl Chemist Group offers a convenient, compassionate health check in Morden.

    What is the reason for a health check?
    Even if you’ve been great about health and fitness, everyone is susceptible to certain genetic dispositions such as heart disease or cancer. Regular health checks are the best way to make sure health issues are caught and treated at the earliest point. For example, high blood pressure. If you get regular health checks, and your blood pressure is high enough

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  2. Quit Smoking: Challenge Yourself

    Quit Smoking: Challenge Yourself

    Smoking can lead to many diseases and disabilities. It harms nearly every organ of the body and is the main cause of preventable illness and premature death in the UK. Globally, annual tobacco related deaths exceed 7 million (including 2nd hand smoke) and is set to rise to 10 million by 2030. Quitting smoking is said to be one of the more difficult things in life a person might encounter.  Yet, many people succeed every year. You can be one of those people, if you are ready to take the first step. Challenge yourself.

    The first step to quitting smoking is self-examination. Ask yourself some questions, be honest with yourself and prepare yourself for the journey. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

    What are your smoking triggers/habits?
    Do you smoke with coffee? After meals? Whilst drinking alcohol? First thing in the morning? When you feel stressed out? If so - you’ll n

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  3. The Best Ways to Manage Your Joint Pain

    The Best Ways to Manage Your Joint Pain

    Joint pain is an issue that is very common and can have many possible causes. Joint pain can be caused by injuries or other causes such as gout, cartilage damage, rheumatoid arthritis or even causes that are less common.

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  4. What are the Side Effects of the Flu Jab?

    What are the Side Effects of the Flu Jab?

    The annual flu vaccine is one of the most safe and effective vaccines that protects people at risk of becoming seriously ill from the flu. Whilst many people may experience a flu that they can treat at home, the flu can lead to serious illness or even hospitalisation. The best time to have the flu vaccine is usually in the autumn or the early winter before flu season is in full swing and spreading at its height. Pearl Chemist Group in Earlsfield offers a convenient and quick flu vaccine at our vaccine clinic.

    Is the Flu Vaccine safe?
    The flu vaccine is one of the safest and most reliable vaccines that are given today. Allergic reactions to the flu vaccine are very rare, but if they do happen, they usually happen within minutes. If a rare reaction does happen to you, the person giving the vaccine will have training on how to treat allergic reactions. Other than a very rare allergic reaction, other side effects are mild, can

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  5. Living with Chronic Headache

    Living with Chronic Headache

    It’s highly likely that you have experienced a headache in your life. However, if you experience headaches more days than not, you likely suffer chronic headaches. Chronic headaches are no laughing matter. They can be absolutely debilitating and leave you bargaining with the unseen for mercy.

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  6. What is Included in a Sexual Health Screen?

    What is Included in a Sexual Health Screen?

    When you think of “good health”, do you think about fitness & nutrition?  Sexual health is equally as important and an integral part of living your best life. Making your sexual health a priority can contribute to increased emotional, physical and mental well-being as well as improving your intimate relationships. A combination of good sexual and physical health can contribute to a full, healthy and complete life. A sexual health screen is just as important as a general health screen in order to ensure that happens.  Pearl Chemist Group offers discreet and complete sexual health services in Wandsworth with our compassionate, fully trained pharmacists.

    What is a sexual health screening?
    A sexual health screening involves a series of simple routine tests that help you stay in control of your sexual health. Sexual health screenings can

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  7. The Evolution of Repeat Prescriptions

    The Evolution of Repeat Prescriptions

    If you have a standing prescription for a certain medication and a certain dosage you may be tired of chasing up your prescription through your GP and then your chemist. This process may cause disruptions in your medication supply with refill delays or lack of medication availability when you need it.

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  8. What are the 3 Steps to Help with Weight Management?

    What are the 3 Steps to Help with Weight Management?

    Weight loss management is one of the most important challenges you can take on in your life. Appropriate body weight is an important factor to maintaining good health and living a good life. Being overweight can lead to disease, chronic illness and early death. If you are overweight, it may be worthwhile to seek a weight management service for adults. Pearl Chemist Group has adult weight management services in London to assist and support your endeavor.

    What are 3 steps that help with weight management?
    Focus beyond the scale:  Whilst the BMI scale is a good place to start in determining whether your weight is a risk for health problems or can be problematic, it is a grey area.  BMI does not take into consideration the density of your bones nor measure overall fat or lean tissue content. Muscle, whilst pound for pound, weighs the same as fat, however is more dense. People who are heavier, have

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  9. Why Can Fungal Nail Infection Be So Difficult to Cure?

    Why Can Fungal Nail Infection Be So Difficult to Cure?

    Fungal nail infections are surprisingly common! Nail fungus begins as white or yellow spots under the tip of your fingernail or toe. Infections do have a tendency to spread, penetrating deeper layers of skin or nail, and when they do, this can cause your nails to discolour, thicken and crumble at the edges.

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