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Monthly Archives: February 2022

  1. Key Things to Know About Covid-19 Vaccines

    Key Things to Know About Covid-19 Vaccines

    Well, COVID-19 is something we all seem to be used to now. Whilst rules are getting more simple to live in the UK, travel may be more complicated.  Having your COVID-19 vaccinations can make travelling a great deal easier for you, but if you remain unvaccinated, you will still need to engage in pre-travel PCR tests, possible isolation at your destination, and PCR swat tests upon your return to the UK. Pearl Chemist Group has all the PCR swab tests for your fit to fly certificates as well as COVID-19 PCR tests for your return.

    How do the COVID 19 vaccines work?
    The COVID-19 vaccine is an mRNA vaccine that contains material from the virus that causes COVID-19. The material is not the virus, rather a protein from the virus that our immune system will recognise as the virus and begin an immune reaction to. This immune reaction proceeds

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  2. Effectiveness of Stop Smoking Services

    Effectiveness of Stop Smoking Services

    It is really hard to quit smoking single-handedly without structured help, either physical or mental. Stop smoking services have a range of support options which Pearl Chemist can suggest to those who want to quit smoking. If you are looking for stop smoking services in Mitcham, then contact Pearl Chemist for fast and effective support.

    The impact of stop smoking services is, without question, for those determined to give up smoking. You are three times more likely to quit with the help of a Stop Smoking Service than if you try and go it alone. Developed by medical experts in collaboration with ex-smokers and delivered by professionals, stop smoking services offer all types of support which include:

    • 1:1 support through counselling
    • Group therapy sessions
    • Stop smoking medicines and nicotine replacement products

    One of the key benefits of stop smoking services is that they are able to help find products

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  3. What to Look for in a Multivitamin?

    What to Look for in a Multivitamin?

    Choosing the perfect multivitamin can be a confusing prospect. There are so many brands and formulations on the market that you may be having trouble figuring out where to start.

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  4. What is the Best Solution for Excessive Hair Loss in Women?

    What is the Best Solution for Excessive Hair Loss in Women?

    Hair loss is an issue that is suffered by men and women alike. Some hair loss is natural and can be waited out or treated naturally. If you suffer excessive hair loss, you may want to see your GP to explore whether you have underlying health issues.

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  5. How Stop Smoking Services Help You Quit Smoking?

    How Stop Smoking Services Help You Quit Smoking?

    We all know that smoking puts our health at risk, but stopping the habit is easier said than done. Tobacco smoke contains over 5,000 chemicals, including nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. Nicotine can make you feel calm or satisfied, and as the levels of nicotine fall in the body, many smokers find themselves craving their next cigarette in order to feel relaxed again. The chemicals in cigarettes can damage every part of the body, and we are pleased to offer our stop smoking services in Mitcham Rd at Pearl Chemist Group.

    Stop Smoking Clinics
    At Pearl Chemist Group, we want to help you to give up smoking for good. We offer free stop smoking service at our clinic in Streatham to give you the confidence to ditch the habit for good and begin a new, healthier lifestyle. Our experienced staff can offer advice on the effects of smoking cigarettes on you and your family, and the benefits of stopping. They can also recommend nicotine replacement products

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  6. Why is smoking bad for you?

    Why is smoking bad for you?

    It may have been an easy habit to start, but it will likely be an incredibly difficult one to stop. Smoking is an addictive and harmful habit which is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the UK. Many smokers may know the risks, but still feel unable or unsure of how to break the habit. Stop smoking services in Mitcham are available to support you in your decision to quit.

    Effects of smoking on your body
    It’s no secret how harmful smoking is to your health, and even the health of those around you. The negative smoke effect on areas throughout your body increases the longer you choose to smoke. The many serious health issues caused by smoking include lung and other cancers, increased risk of heart disease and stroke, decreased fertility, a weakened immune system, the loss of smell and a decreased life expectancy. The causes of smoking dangers are due to the many harmful ingredients found within cigarettes, including nicotine, f

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  7. What are the Benefits of a Repeat Prescription Online Ordering Service?

    What are the Benefits of a Repeat Prescription Online Ordering Service?

    NHS Repeat Prescription Services have been in place for a little while now. If you have a prescription for a chronic or long term condition that requires medication of the same type

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  8. What are the Principles of Weight Management and Maintenance?

    What are the Principles of Weight Management and Maintenance?

    Weight management and maintenance can be a minefield.  It can be difficult to decide how to cut through all the noise on the internet about diets.  Professionals, natural critics of popular diets, will tell you the best way to go will be what medicine and science tell us - not what fad diets do. We could not agree more.  Pearl Chemist Group offers weight loss management and adult weight management services in the UK.

    Critics of popular diets - we hold a highly critical view of popular “fad” diets. Weight management is establishing a lifestyle that you can maintain over your lifetime.

    Nutrient and calorie timing - This method of dieting uses the timings of protein and carbohydrate intake in relation to exercise. Whilst this has some basis on

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  9. 4 Common Joint Problems You Must Be Aware of

    4 Common Joint Problems You Must Be Aware of

    If you are experiencing joint pain, you are not alone. Over 20 million people in the UK suffer some kind of musculoskeletal pain as of 2021.

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