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Monthly Archives: March 2022

  1. World HIV Day: What we know so far?

    World HIV Day: What we know so far?

    World HIV Day is an annual event to raise awareness about HIV and Aids but also to highlight and focus on the excellent work that has been done so far in managing and treating this condition. If you are concerned about HIV or other Sexually Transmitted Diseases then contact Pearl Chemist Group’s sexual health services in Wandsworth for fast, confidential and targeted advice.

    What are the stages of HIV infection?
    There are three stages of HIV infection however, the symptoms will vary in both type and severity from person to person.

    • Stage 1 – following the initial infection, the person can experience a flu-like illness but not everyone will feel like this
    • Stage 2 – after some reaction to the initial infection, many people will start to feel better and this may last for ten years or more and during this time, many peopl
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  2. Signs and Symptoms of Hernia

    Signs and Symptoms of Hernia

    At Pearl Chemist Group, we understand that illnesses and health conditions can affect you at different times in your life. Some people will be affected by a hernia and may look for hernia treatment to help alleviate symptoms. Our experienced staff can advise on alleviating the symptoms of a hernia, and when you should consider seeing a healthcare professional for further advice.

    What is a Hernia?
    A hernia is the abnormal movement of a tissue or organ through the wall of a cavity that usually contains it. This can result in an outpouching visible beneath the skin or can result in symptoms but no outward signs of the hernia. There are several types of hernia, all with different symptoms and requiring different management plans.

    1. Inguinal and Femoral Hernias

    This type of hernia occurs in the groin area and results from the bowel or other organ slipping from within the abdomen towards the groin. The hernia can become

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  3. What makes an effective stop-smoking service?

    What makes an effective stop-smoking service?

    At Pearl Chemist, our mission is to work with you to help you stay as healthy as possible in every aspect of your life. We all know that smoking is bad for our health, but stopping can require more than just willpower. If you want help to stop smoking, talk to Pearl Chemist today.

    More Than Just Smoke
    Cigarettes contain over 7,000 chemicals, one of which is nicotine. Nicotine alters the levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in the brain, making smokers feel satisfied and less anxious. This is why smoking becomes addictive. Unfortunately, the other chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic, do a significant amount of damage to the body, and so it is no surprise that many smokers want to stop smoking. From lung disease to strokes and limb amputations, smoking can leave you with a very poor quality of life.

    Stop Smoking Services Mitcham
    At our flagship store in Mitcham, we are able to offer you help to quit smoking. Once

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  4. Tips to Controlling Your Urge to Smoke

    Tips to Controlling Your Urge to Smoke

    No-one can dispute that smoking is harmful to your health. The nicotine contained in cigarettes affects noradrenaline and dopamine in the human brain, this, in turn, reduces tension and anxiety and so changes mood.  That is why it can be so difficult to quit smoking even if all the evidence points to the fact that you should.

    Try our free stop smoking clinic in Streatham
    Pearl Chemists are committed to the health of their customers and with the endorsement of the NHS stop smoking campaign, run a free stop smoking clinic in Streatham.  It’s not easy to quit smoking and many people try and fail repeatedly.  As soon as life’s stresses start to mount up, it is just too easy to reach for that cigarette packet.

    Pearl Chemist offer mental and psychological support at their clinic in Streatham plus advice on all the supportive products which can assist quitters on their journey to good health.

    What are the benefits of

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  5. All your Health Check-up Services in One Clinic

    All your Health Check-up Services in One Clinic

    Prevention is better than cure – never was a truer word spoken.  Working with the NHS health check at 40 initiative, you can have a health check and appropriate screenings in Morden if you satisfy certain criteria.

    What are the benefits of an NHS full health check?
    An NHS check-up can help you to develop a healthy lifestyle.  It is your opportunity to discuss your weight, diet and exercise levels in the context of building a healthy and sustainable regime.

    At Pearl Chemist Group, we follow the guidelines set out by the NHS at our private clinic.  Our health check-ups will look at key indicators such as blood pressure, weight, BMI – Body Mass Index - cholesterol levels and diabetes amongst other key indicators of good health.  Blood tests and diagnostic screening are available.  This is also your opportunity to discuss lifestyle changes and the services that may be able to support you – an appropriate exercise regime, quitting smoki

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  6. National No Smoking Day: Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

    National No Smoking Day: Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

    Quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you can make for your health and lifestyle but quitting smoking isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there is plenty of help and support out there with a range of different options to help smokers kick the habit. Contact Pearl Chemist Group and find out about their stop smoking services in Mitcham.

    National No Smoking Day in the UK
    National No Smoking Day in the UK is an annual event to focus on the benefits of quitting smoking, not just for a day but forever. National No Smoking Day also highlights all the support services which are out there to help smokers ditch the cigarettes.

    Some smokers use National No Smoking Day to say “today is the day” and kickstart the rest of their life without cigarettes from this date on the calendar.

    Quitting Smoking doesn’t have to be Painful
    One of the biggest off puts for most people who would like to

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  7. What are the 3 Underlying Principles of all Successful Weight Management Plans?

    What are the 3 Underlying Principles of all Successful Weight Management Plans?

    Just the sheer number of weight management plans, schemes and different diets is testament to the accepted wisdom that losing weight is not always very easy. If it were then, there would be an end to the stream of new ideas for yet another scheme or low calorie meal or diet club. Weight loss management in the UK is big business because as a population, people in the UK are getting larger and larger. Adult weight management services are available on the NHS as too much weight and obesity can cause health problems like diabetes, joint pain, heart attack, and stroke. Overweight limits quality of life and life length.

    The three underlying principles of successful weight management plans and weight loss
    Many diets are not successful for two key reasons:-

    • People don’t stick to them which can be for a variety of reasons
    • Unsuccessful diet management plans d
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  8. Tips to Ease Joint Pain

    Tips to Ease Joint Pain

    Joint pain is the cause of numerous visits to the GP surgery and can be caused by lots of different things including trauma and accident and also chronic conditions like arthritis. Pearl Chemist is your go to professional for joint pain.

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