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Facts & Myths about Coronavirus

Facts & Myths about Coronavirus

Recently, the world is facing a new epidemic of health hazard called a coronavirus. This disease is deadly and has caused some deaths in China. The disease is named as COVID -19 by scientists.  This corona disease was first originated in China and is now spreading rapidly across the globe. On Jan 30, 2019, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared this corona disease as the global emergency alert across the globe. People are advised to practice few germ –saving practices which can be taken into account for the prevention of the disease. There are many sorts of information circulating between the web and people about the corona disease. Some of these are true but most parts of this information are wrong. These wrong parts are called myths.

Facts and myths about coronavirus.
Some of the myths and its related facts are listed below:

Myth 1: An effective vaccine cure COVID -19 is available in the pharmacy market.

Fact: According to the medical reports, there is no vaccine available for corona disease in humans. Scientists are still working to find the perfect vaccination against the corona disease.

Myth 2:  By swallowing or gargling bleach or taking in acetic acid or steroids, one can prevent the spreading of coronavirus.

Fact: This doesn’t seem right. However, some parts of the above practice may turn to be hazardous. The best way to prevent corona infection is by avoiding close contact with the sick people and wash hands frequently.

Myth 3:  Products that came from china contains coronavirus and get released in new surroundings.

Fact: This doesn’t seem right and intangible.  The virus does not tend to live in larger surfaces for a longer time, so the corona syndrome cannot be transcended to other surroundings. Packages from china does not contain any virus in it.

Myths are the one which makes our vision towards the facts blurred. And because of these myths, we pave the way to different and wrong paths to prevent the disease. The facts should be considered and applied effectively for the purpose.

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