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Fit to Fly your guide to Pre-Travel PCR Tests

Fit to Fly: Your Guide to Pre-Travel PCR Tests

COVID-19 has interfered with travel significantly in the past year and a half. Countries all over the world have restrictions concerning travellers entering their countries, and UK travellers are no exception. No matter what destination you are travelling to, you are likely to need a Fit to Fly certificate in order to even commence your journey. You’ll need a negative PCR Fit to Fly test performed and confirmed within 72 hours prior to boarding your plane. If you are having some difficulty grasping what is needed or how to jump through all of the hoops necessary to fly these days, you are not alone. Pearl Chemist Group is here to clarify and help you get your Fit to Fly certificates with ease. If you are looking for easy, quick and competitively priced Fit to Fly COVID-19 PCR Tests in Wandsworth, Wimbledon or all over London, book online with us now.

What is a Fit to Fly travel certificate?
A COVID test before flying from the UK is required of all travellers. A Fit to Fly certificate is a medical certificate confirming your fitness to fly following this pre-travel PCR Test. The certificate is verified by a medical doctor who is registered by the GMC (General Medical Council) and is issued following a negative result from a COVID-19 swab test administered by an acceptable test provider. It is not available through the NHS and must be taken through a private provider.

Where can I get a pre-travel PCR Test?
Pearl Chemist Group has multiple locations across London, including Wandworth and Wimbledon. You can book in anytime for same day appointments and either same day or next day results by visiting us online, or using our store locator to phone your nearest location.

How much does a PCR test cost?
PCR tests vary, depending on purpose and when you need the result. We can assure you that our prices are competitive and that we offer incredibly quick and effective services at your convenience.

If you are planning to travel out of the UK – whether it’s been booked ahead or it’s last minute, Pearl Chemist Group is available to assist you with all of your travel needs. You can get your FIt to Fly COVID-19 PCR test and certificate at Wandsworth, Wimbledon or several of our pharmacies across South London with just the click of a button. Visit our website to book or to find your nearest location now.

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