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Which Test is Best for COVID-19

Which Test is Best for COVID-19?

PCR test, Antigen Test, Antibody Test:  You’ve probably heard all kinds of names talked about when speaking of COVID-19 tests now. Well, Pearl Chemist Group has the low-down and we can make it simple for you.  What test do I need for what?  Which one is the best?  Not only does Pearl Chemist Group provide COVID-19 PCR tests and Rapid Antigen Tests in London and the UK, we help you to figure out what the different types of COVID-19 tests are, and which one you might need.

PCR Test
A PCR Test is considered the “gold standard” of COVID tests.  For now, this test is what is used as the diagnostic test. A PCR test will pick up an active COVID infection.  So, if you have a positive lateral flow test, you’ll likely go on to take a PCR test to confirm.  This is also known as a PCR swab test.

Rapid Antigen Test  (Lateral Flow Test)
A test that also tests for an active COVID infection, Rapid antigen tests, are often used by employers and are being utilised as mass asymptomatic screening.  This test is less accurate for asymptomatic COVID carriers, but still can detect nearly 60% of asymptomatic infections.  In terms of preventing spread of infection, this is the best tool we have for detecting infections before symptoms even appear.  Whilst not perfect, it is a good tool for now. If used regularly as intended, it is possible it can catch infections before they go symptomatic, if they ever do.

Antibody Test
Antibodies are our bodies’ response to a specific invader inside the body.  These invaders can be bacteria, viruses and foreign substances in the blood.  In the case of COVID-19, when it enters our bodies, our bodies detect the foreign invaders and begin to try to attack and block them from infecting our cells.  These attackers are antibodies.   If your body has antibodies that are recognised as the ones known to try to defeat COVID, then we can tell that you’ve had a COVID infection previously.

According to Harvard Medical school, the PCR test is the best diagnostic test for COVID infection.  This is why if you have a positive lateral flow or antigen test you will be asked to take a PCR test to confirm a diagnosis.  We provide all the different types of COVID tests for your needs.  For your most reliable PCR Swab test in the London area and in the UK, you can book in by visiting us online

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