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COVID Vaccine for International Travel

Will the COVID Vaccine be Mandatory for International Travel?

As the UK eases restrictions, there will be vaccination and testing requirements going forward. In the UK, there is talk of the vaccine passport, the EU a digital green certificate, the Common Pass in Switzerland and the Common Trust Network in the USA. It can be confusing staying on top of all the latest information. For peace of mind and ease of process, you can visit the PCG Travel Clinic in Wimbledon or Kingston Upon Thames for up-to-date travel, vaccine and COVID-19 testing requirements.

From 17 May 2021, the UK government will allow international travel in accordance with a traffic light system. Simultaneously, governments around the world are setting out requirements for visitors. Most cruise lines have indicated that proof of vaccination will be required before all staff or passengers can travel.

How Can I Get a Vaccine Passport?

Vaccine passport” is a slightly misleading term. A better term might be “Covid health certificate”. There is currently no unified international document or digital service but this is being worked on. In practice, this certificate would include:

  • Proof a person has been vaccinated, or:
  • Results of tests for people who have yet to get the vaccine, or;
  • Information about a person having had Covid-19 and recovered (having antibodies)

Which Countries Require the COVID-19 vaccine?

Foreign governments are in the process of determining entry requirements. If you are making any travel plans for the near future and are fully vaccinated you may want to consider travelling to and from only countries on the green list, as it may make your return easier. For up to the date information concerning vaccine-friendly international destinations, visit our website for travel clinic appointments in Wimbledon or Kingston Upon Thames. Some popular travel destinations that are or will be vaccine friendly countries:

Spain – British tourists can enter by June so long as they can prove full vaccination

Greece – allows foreign tourists who are fully vaccinated, have antibodies or have had a valid negative test from 19 April 2021. No quarantine is required. Greece is on the Amber list however, so you’ll have to quarantine upon return.

Portugal – vaccinated British holiday makers will be welcomed without need for quarantine, no date has been announced.

In this unprecedented time, travel can become confusing and hard to plan. We can help by giving you peace of mind with our high quality, confidential and quick services through our travel clinics. You can learn more on our website

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