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Emergency Contraception Pros and Cons

Emergency Contraception Pros and Cons

At Pearl Chemist Group in Wandsworth, we understand the importance of being able to access an emergency contraception service in London. Whilst you might take every precaution to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, occasionally there can be a contraceptive failure and in this situation you may want to quickly prevent a pregnancy from beginning.

What is Emergency Contraception?
Emergency contraception is defined as a birth control measure that is used after sexual intercourse to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant. The most common form of emergency contraception is often referred to as the morning after pill. This pill can be taken up to five days after unprotected sexual intercourse.

Emergency Contraception Service
While offering various forms of contraception, at our clinic in Wandsworth we are also able to offer emergency contraception if required. Our clinics consist of teams of doctors, nurses and health advisors so you can be assured of a confidential, caring and effective service at each appointment with us.

Pros and Cons
Whilst the morning after pill can offer a high level of efficacy in preventing a pregnancy, there are some side effects and risks that every woman should be aware of before taking the medication. The high concentration of hormones in the pill can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and headaches. If these are experienced, our sexual health clinic can give you advice and reassurance. You may also have a heavier or longer bleed than your usual period after taking the morning after pill. You will need to take a pregnancy test to ensure the pill has worked.

Future Planning
Anyone who has needed to use emergency contraception will know that it can be a time of stress and anxiety. After taking the morning after pill, it is important to book an appointment with us to discuss effective methods of contraception. This could include the birth control shot, the contraceptive implant, or the oral contraceptive pill.

We can take care of all of your contraceptive requirements at Pearl Chemist Group. Contact us today.

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