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Emergency contraception

How to prevent unwanted pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a concern for all women of child-bearing age who are having sex, with or without contraception. The only way to completely avoid pregnancy is to abstain from sex, as no contraceptive method on the market is 100% effective. Pregnancy is meant to be a joyous occasion; however, it can also be a stressful situation if it was not intended. Knowing your options for day-to-day and emergency contraception can help you be prepared for safer sex and avoid an unplanned pregnancy.

Contraceptive options to stop pregnancy
There are many common types of birth control available, so you will need to do your research to find out which might work best for you. Commonly used contraceptive options include condoms, the birth control pill, IUDs, caps and diaphragms, or natural family planning through monitoring your monthly fertility. Effectiveness of each method varies, as do potential side effects. Some research and consultation with your doctor can help guide you toward the right choice.

Emergency contraception is also an option for those who have had unprotected sex or if the contraceptive chosen has failed. Two types of pills, Levonelle and ellaOne, can be taken within a few days of sex to delay or stop ovulation and prevent a potential unwanted pregnancy. These stop pregnancy pills, commonly known as the “morning after pill,” can be obtained from the Travel clinic Kingston upon Thames or Travel clinic south west London. Your doctor or pharmacist can also provide further information about how to best use these pills for maximum effectiveness in preventing pregnancy.

Knowing your options for both day-to-day and emergency contraception will help you make the right choices for your body, and protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy.  A visit to your local travel clinic can provide you with the medications needed to be prepared.

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  • Chetan Jain
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    Folks, Thanks for sharing! This was one of my biggest fears post having my baby. The article provided clarity on preventing unwanted pregnancies.
    Thanks for that!