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Manage your medicines during an emergency

How to manage your medicines during an emergency?

There are times when medicines are required in an emergency and the usual prescriber might not be the best available route or it may not be possible for them to prescribe in those circumstances.  Did you know that your pharmacist provides an emergency medicines service?  Subject to certain conditions, Pearl Chemist Group can offer emergency medicine, find out more about this service and the circumstances in which we can prescribe.

Emergency medicines service
If you run out of medicines and are in an emergency situation, we will be able to help you and prescribe emergency medicine when there is no-one else available to do it.  There are certain conditions which surround the emergency medicines service:-

  • we normally need to see the patient face to face
  • you must have been prescribed the medicine before
  • our pharmacist must agree that it is an emergency situation and that you need the medicine immediately
  • we will need to see evidence that you have been prescribed that medicine before – if you use our online pharmacy service then we will be able to easily access your records
  • we must be satisfied that the dose is appropriate for you to take, for instance, if you have run out of medicine because you have used the prescribed dose more quickly and want to take a higher dosage, then we may not be able to prescribe without the intervention of a doctor
  • the pharmacist can only provide an emergency medicines supply to last no more than 30 days

There are some exceptions to this final point and these include:-

  • insulin or an asthma inhaler – only the smallest pack size will be supplied
  • the contraceptive pill – only enough for one full treatment cycle will be prescribed
  • liquid oral antibiotics – only the smallest quantity to provide a full treatment course will be offered

Pearl Chemist Group can help with managing your medication to ensure you don’t run out but you can always rely on our emergency medicines service if you get into any difficulty.  There is more information on our website

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