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Flu jab: It’s about doing the right thing

Flu jab: It’s about doing the right thing

It’s easy to forget about other illness in the current Covid-19 pandemic but within six months, the winter flu season will be here.  Combined with the Coronavirus, this could prove a particularly a toxic mix.  If you are looking for flu shots in 2020, then visit our flu vaccination clinic in Earlsfield.

What is the flu vaccine effectiveness?
The flu virus is constantly changing and mutating which is the real challenge scientists face when preparing the annual flu vaccine; they have to predict which will be the likely strains. The flu vaccine will not be 100% effective but it will offer a lot of protection and help decrease the occurrence of flu in the general population as well as the serious health consequences for some people might catch it.

What are the flu shot benefits?
The benefits include:-

  • flu vaccine prevents tens of thousands of hospitalisations every year. Flu combined with Coronavirus could overwhelm the NHS this winter
  • Higher risk patients are 80% less likely to die of flu-related complications if they have had the vaccine
  • It increases confidence when in public areas and on public transports.
  • The viruses change every year so a flu jab from last year may not protect you this year

Who is eligible for a free flu jab?
The NHS offers free flu jabs to certain categories of people:-

  • the over 65s
  • pregnant women
  • people at particular risk with certain health conditions like asthma

Pearl Chemist Group offer a flu vaccination clinic in EarlsfieldEven if you are not in an at-risk group, you still might want to consider having a flu shot this year as it will collectively help reduce the incidence of flu within the population. This has never been more important whilst we wait for a vaccination to protect against Coronavirus.  Learn more on our website

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