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How Effective was the Flu Shot in 2020?

How Effective was the Flu Shot in 2020?

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the flu shot in 2020 was more important than ever. The UK government has extended the free vaccine to millions more people in what has been described as “the most comprehensive flu vaccination programme in the UK’s history.” Contracting flu and Covid together is a very serious combination of illnesses. With the main flu season usually after Christmas in the colder months of January and February, there is still time to protect yourself with the flu vaccineIf you are looking for the flu vaccination in Earlsfield then contact Pearl Chemist Group for help and advice.

In the winter of 2019, there were relatively low levels of flu activity in the UK according to data released by Public Health England. Around 17,000 people die from flu in England each year on average but this number can vary hugely depending on other factors like the severity of the weather – colder temperatures equal higher numbers – and other external factors like the different strains and this year, the presence of Covid.

The Effectiveness of the Flu Shot

There are many different types of flu viruses and each year the flu vaccination is prepared based on data which predicts the most likely flu strains to be in circulation during the winter months. The flu shot is not 100% effective at protecting people from the flu but on average, the flu vaccination reduces the risk of illness by between 40% and 60% amongst the overall population when the circulating flu viruses are well-matched to the vaccine.

The flu shot is particularly important this year for Covid because the combination of contracting both Covid and flu together could be very serious. The flu shot will not protect against Covid. Also, if there is a bad flu season then this will put pressure on already stretched NHS resources struggling to cope with the increase in Covid cases.

Pearl Chemist Group offers the flu vaccine via our immunisation clinics plus all the guidance and information you need if you have pre-existing health conditions which means you are more susceptible to contracting the combination of flu and Covid-19. For updates about the flu shot for 2020 and the flu vaccination in Earlsfield, take a look at our comprehensive website to find out more

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