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How is Flu Different from Common Cold

How is Flu Different from Common Cold?

Have you been feeling under the weather?  Are you laid flat out in bed, or just feeling rough but able to cope? Do you feel like one more step worse and you’ll be on your way to A & E?  Well, you’ve probably got the flu. Flu and cold can have many of the same symptoms. The difference is that one can land you in the hospital, and can even be fatal. You can prevent and protect yourself from the worst of the flu, but a common cold is both less severe, and often not avoidable. Don’t forget to book your Flu Vaccination in Earlsfield!

Can I avoid the Flu?
Vaccinate!  The most effective way to avoid severe flu and complications that could take you to A & E is to vaccinate.  Each year, from late September or early October onwards, the inactivated flu vaccine is available to millions of adults and children across the UK. Whilst the vaccine does not prevent you from getting the flu, it will decrease symptoms and severity of your flu and decrease your chances of suffering severe symptoms or suffering a fatality from the flu.

There are two types of vaccines, trivalent or quadrivalent.  Trivalent protects against three strains of the flu and quadrivalent against four.  The decision about what to put in the flu vaccine is made 6 months prior to the start of the flu season.

Can I avoid the common Cold?
You can take steps to prevent it, but chances are you will come down with a cold at some point during the season.  You can reduce your risk by washing your hands often, staying away from sick people and not touching your face with your hands.  But don’t worry, a common cold is highly unlikely to land you in the hospital or result in severe or life threatening symptoms.

How do I know if I have the Flu or a Cold?  Here’s a handy-dandy little table for you:

Signs/Symptoms Cold Flu
Symptom Onset Gradual Abrupt
Fever Rare Usual
Aches Slight Usual
Chills Uncommon Fairly Common
Fatigue, Weakness Sometimes Usual
Sneezing Common Sometimes
Chest ache, cough Mild/Moderate Common
Stuffy nose Common Sometimes
Sore throat Common Sometimes
Headache Rare Common

It’s best to be prepared for flu season by vaccinating as soon as the flu jab is available to you.  Visit Pearl Chemist Group online to book your Flu vaccination in Earlsfield when the season begins in Autumn.

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