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Influenza Sign, Symptoms and Vaccination

Influenza Sign, Symptoms and Vaccination

The winter months are often referred to as flu season, as a greater proportion of the population are affected by an influenza viral infection. Whilst the virus is no more than particularly unpleasant for most, for the elderly, immunocompromised and the very young, it can be a life-threatening illness. At Pearl Chemist Group, we can offer advice, treatment and flu vaccination for anyone wishing to prevent it.

What is Flu?
Flu, or influenza, is caused by the influenza virus. Flu symptoms include a high fever, muscle aches and pains, headaches, coughing and feeling tired. In the first few days, you may find it difficult to get out of bed, and your appetite may be significantly reduced. Some people may go on to develop complications including pneumonia, sinus infections, or worsening of pre-existing heart or lung conditions.

Flu Treatment Antiviral
As flu is caused by a virus, antibiotics cannot be given as they only treat bacterial infections. The best care for flu is supportive, which may include increased intake of fluids, rest and in some cases admission to hospital for additional oxygen or medical support. If you are caring for someone with flu at home, they may need encouragement to eat and drink, and simple pain relief such as paracetamol which can also help reduce any fever.

Flu Vaccination Earlsfield
Every year, a flu vaccine is developed to prevent a variety of strains of flu affecting the population. At risks groups including the over-65s, pregnant women and those with medical conditions including asthma are offered the flu vaccine as standard. However, you may wish to have the flu vaccine despite falling outside these high-risk categories. As flu is unpleasant and can leave you feeling unwell for several weeks, it is understandable that you wish to protect yourself. If you are vaccinated, this also helps to prevent flu from spreading elsewhere in the community.

At Pearl Chemist Group, you can attend for vaccination and know that you have taken a positive step in preventing flu this season.

To book your flu vaccine, contact us today.

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