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What Every Parent Should Know About the Flu Vaccine?

What Every Parent Should Know About the Flu Vaccine?

Children don’t seem to suffer from flu in the same way adults do but they are much more likely to catch and spread influenza.  They will have large volumes of the virus in their nasal secretions which carry on shedding for days after infection. They also have poorer hygiene practices tending to cough and sneeze over those nearest to them and regularly huddling together with their friends in a way that adults don’t tend to do, making them more susceptible. The influenza vaccine can protect your children and the rest of your family. If you are looking for a flu shot or the flu vaccination in Earlsfield then contact Pearl Chemist Group for all your winter flu needs.

Key facts about the Flu Shots for Babies and Teenagers

The flu vaccine used only to be offered to the over 65s and those were vulnerable due to other underlying health conditions such as auto-immune diseases and asthma. Now, the influenza vaccine is available for babies and children. These are the key facts:

  •  this is an annual vaccine as the flu strains can change every year
  • the children’s flu shot is offered as a nasal spray 
  • The NHS offers the nasal flu spray free for children aged between 2 and 3 years
  •  It is also offered free to all primary school children and all Year 7 in secondary school
  •  The spray or vaccine is also free for all children aged between 2 and 17 years with long term health conditions
  •  Some children under the age of 2 and over 6 months will be offered the injection and not the nasal spray, this happens if they are in a high-risk group for flu and because the nasal spray is not licensed for use in children under 2 years old
  • Depending on the age and health status of the child, the influenza vaccine will either be offered by the GP or at school
  •  In certain circumstances, some children under 9 years may be given two doses of the vaccine 4 weeks apart

Flu is not an illness particularly associated with children but they can suffer from it and it may lead to serious complications like bronchitis and pneumonia. Children spread flu very easily so having the influenza vaccine not only protects them but also other people within the family and the wider community. If you are looking for the flu shot for teenagers or adults or the nasal spray for children and infants then take a look at our flu vaccination services in EarlsfieldThere is more information on our website

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