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NHS full health checkup

All your Health Check-up Services in One Clinic

Prevention is better than cure – never was a truer word spoken.  Working with the NHS health check at 40 initiative, you can have a health check and appropriate screenings in Morden if you satisfy certain criteria.

What are the benefits of an NHS full health check?
An NHS check-up can help you to develop a healthy lifestyle.  It is your opportunity to discuss your weight, diet and exercise levels in the context of building a healthy and sustainable regime.

At Pearl Chemist Group, we follow the guidelines set out by the NHS at our private clinic.  Our health check-ups will look at key indicators such as blood pressure, weight, BMI – Body Mass Index – cholesterol levels and diabetes amongst other key indicators of good health.  Blood tests and diagnostic screening are available.  This is also your opportunity to discuss lifestyle changes and the services that may be able to support you – an appropriate exercise regime, quitting smoking and dietary advice and changes.

The NHS full health check majors on heart health and is designed to head off illnesses and diseases such as heart attack, heart disease, Type Two Diabetes – the lifestyle diabetes – kidney disease and dementia.  This NHS check-up will take around twenty minutes if that.  The idea is to identify problems before they start to seriously affect your health, many of which can be managed with simple lifestyle changes rather than medication.

Regular health checks are recommended at appropriate intervals and these are the best way to monitor your health and catch any adverse changes early.  The frequency of check-ups will be determined by your own individual circumstances and this can be discussed at your first appointment

Is there a charge for this service?

For certain categories of patient, the NHS will fund the health check:-

  • If you are over 40 years old and no older than 74
  • You do not suffer from any form of heart condition
  • You are not taking medication for high cholesterol
  • You are not a diagnosed diabetic or taking diabetes medication

How to book your health check?
Check directly with Pearl Chemist about your NHS check-up or go online to book your health check.  Our website has lots of information about the health check and which testing may be recommended throughout the course of the appointment.  Take a look now at and take your first steps towards a healthy life.

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