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How to Maintain Sexual Health?

How to Maintain Sexual Health?

Sexual health is important to maintain at any age. Whether you are  just starting out in your sexual health journey or are in the golden years of sexual health, there is a universal truth – which is prevention. Sexual health encompasses many elements of sexual life, from remaining emotionally healthy allowing engagement in meaningful and safe relationships to maintaining physical health which allows you to engage with others at full capacity and remain STD free. There are many secrets for good sexual health, but it comes down to finding an individual who is on the same page as you whom you can trust. Comprehensive and confidential sexual health services are available in Wandsworth to help you maintain your sexual health, at any stage in your sexual development.

How Do I Maintain My Sexual Health?

  • Understand it – you should understand how to stay safe from infections and spread of disease. Unwanted pregnancies can occur at many stages in life. Regularly seek information, testing and contraception advice as new information, medications and devices are released regularly
  • Use age appropriate services and aids – mens and womens sexual health needs vary with hormone changes. You cannot expect the same mechanisms to assist you at 55 that worked for you at 25.
  • Increase intimacy with communication.  Don’t be afraid to evolve, change or integrate compassion around medical conditions. If you are young, contraception may be your primary concern. Communicate!
  • Testing – regular testing for STD’s – Sexually transmitted diseases, or STI’s, is imperative for maintaining sexual health. Some STI’s do not have any symptoms but can lead to serious conditions such as cancer and infertility.

The key to good sexual health is appropriate behaviour and knowledge for your situation. If you are in a monogamous relationship, your needs may be different than an individual who is casually dating. The secrets to maintaining a healthy sex life are different for every person in terms of what they need emotionally, so communicate – always. Iit is universal that one of the best ways to help yourself enjoy better sexual health is to remain free of all sexually transmitted diseases. To book in to our sexual health services in Wandsworth visit our website at

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