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Understanding Sexual Health and Its Role

Understanding Sexual Health and Its Role

Sexual health is something that might be embarrassing to talk about openly or consider, but it serves a very important role in our lives. Sexual health involves every part of sexuality from staying safe emotionally to staying healthy and safe physically – whether you are in a committed relationship or not. Whilst sexual health certainly includes being free from disease, it also includes many other factors that embody a healthy sex life overall. If you’d like to talk more about it with a compassionate and discreet professional, Pearl Chemist Group has sexual health services in Wandsworth at your service.

Sexual health includes:

  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STDs
  • Access to sexual health information and care
  • Embracing sexuality as part of life, and more than sexual behaviour
  • The ability to experience sexual pleasure and intimacy where one desires it
  • The ability to communicate with partners and health care providers about sexual health and needs.
  • Recognition of the sexual health rights of all individuals

It can be difficult to approach these topics with others. The most important step is to be able to confront oneself as to the truths surrounding sexual health and intimacy. Once you are able to be honest and open with yourself, you will find it increasingly easier to approach each aspect of sexual health.

Sometimes, cultural upbringing can stop us from fully being able to speak about our sexual health. You may feel shame or embarrassment.  You may have beliefs that could do you physical and emotional harm if you are unable to discuss these important health issues with your GP at the very least. It is very important that you find someone that you are able to trust in and have discussions about this topic.

Some of the consequences of being unable to do so could result in untreated illnesses that can have life altering consequences – including infertility. You should be aware that if you are unable to address your sexual health, you may experience unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases/illnesses (STD/STIs) or you may be unable to experience true intimacy with your partner.

Pearl Chemist Group has compassionate, discreet pharmacists that you can contact for information and advice on all aspects of your sexual health including STI/STD Testing and how to prevent it. Visit us online for a discreet booking with our sexual health services in Wandsworth today!

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