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What is Included in a Sexual Health Screen?

What is Included in a Sexual Health Screen?

When you think of “good health”, do you think about fitness & nutrition?  Sexual health is equally as important and an integral part of living your best life. Making your sexual health a priority can contribute to increased emotional, physical and mental well-being as well as improving your intimate relationships. A combination of good sexual and physical health can contribute to a full, healthy and complete life. A sexual health screen is just as important as a general health screen in order to ensure that happens.  Pearl Chemist Group offers discreet and complete sexual health services in Wandsworth with our compassionate, fully trained pharmacists.

What is a sexual health screening?
A sexual health screening involves a series of simple routine tests that help you stay in control of your sexual health. Sexual health screenings can differ for women and for men. Chlamydia screening, HIV testing, sexual health advice and various forms of contraception are topics that are covered in a sexual health screen. Here is how some of the tests are given for women and men:

You are screened for Chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis A and HPV. You’ll give a urine sample and a blood sample for this. Your blood sample will be drawn from a vein, most likely in your arm, with a needle and drawn into a syringe. Your blood test will also screen for HIV.

You will give a vaginal swab which involves collecting a sample of cells from your cervix with a fine brush. You’ll be inspected for signs of thrush, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HPV.  You’ll also give a blood sample to test for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis A. Blood is drawn from a vein, most likely in your arm, with a needle and drawn into a syringe.

Not all STI’s have symptoms so if you are sexually active, or plan to be, it is very important to engage in a sexual health screen. It is also important to discuss various forms of contraception in order to avoid any unplanned pregnancies.

You may feel embarrassed or shy, but there is no need. Our staff is professional and will not judge you no matter what. We guarantee that our staff will do their best to explain everything and make you feel at ease through the whole process. To book your appointment as part of  our sexual health services in Wandsworth, please visit us online

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