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Which health checkup should elderly people be having

Which health checks should elderly people be having?

With elderly people particularly vulnerable to Coronavirus, it makes extra special sense to take good care of their health and this can include preventative health checks and screening.  Pearl Chemist Group offers screening tests for the elderly as part of a comprehensive health check-up service so if you are looking for a health check-up in Morden, then we can help.

Health checks for seniors have never been more important as Coronavirus has kept many elderly people away from their routine medical appointments.  Whilst all the focus is on Covid-19, something else could pass under the radar.  Elderly people are more vulnerable to many illnesses and diseases and not just Coronavirus because of their advancing years.  With all the focus on Covid-19, it is easy to overlook other health conditions which could prove just as serious.  So, what type of checks and tests are advised for the senior health check-up list?

  • Blood pressure check – hypertension or raised blood pressure affects the most to the people in the 65-74 age group.
  • Bowel cancer screening – a faecal occult blood test (FOB) looks for traces of blood in the patient’s faeces as an early warning sign of bowel cancer.
  • Breast cancer screening – To check for early signs of breast cancer
  • Cholesterol check – Raised cholesterol may be an indicator of heart health but sometimes cholesterol can be a hidden issue and can even affect people who are not overweight and have a good diet and plenty of exercise

Alongside these checks and screens, routine blood tests for the elderly can help identify markers which may compromise health either now or in the future.

Screening tests for the elderly not only saves lives but can improve quality of life as potentially serious and life-threatening conditions are picked up at an early stage when interventions are likely to be the most effective.  Consult Pearl Chemist Group who runs a comprehensive health check-up service, For more information visit the website

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