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Guidelines for Monitored Dosage Systems

Guidelines for Monitored Dosage Systems

Your pharmacist doesn’t just prescribe your medication but can help manage it as well with our online dispensing service.  Did you know that Pearl Chemist Group can also help organise complex medicine systems with our Monitored Dosage Systems service?  Some patients need to take a complicated range of medicines in 24-hour period, this can be confusing particularly if the patient is elderly, unwell or have multiple care takers. Find out more about the Monitored Dosage Systems service offered by Pearl Chemist Group.

What is a Monitored Dosage System?

This is a simple system which ensures that a patient will always take the correct amount of medication at the right time of day.  The measured dosage system works by way of a pack which consists of a special tray with labelled compartments organised by the days of the week.  Pearl Chemist Group’s monitored dosage system basic pack can help the following people:-

  • patients who regularly take large amounts of different medicines
  • patients who struggle to remember which medication to take and when
  • patients who have illnesses which restrict the use of their hands such as MS, Parkinson’s and arthritis
  • patients with complicated medicine regimes which means they have different medicines to take on different days and who are on variable dose medication
  • patients with impaired vision

Through our online pharmacy service, your prescriptions will come to us directly from your GP and we will pre-pack the medicines into a Monitored Dosage System basic pack and label everything appropriately.  We can supply this weekly so there is no confusion or at set intervals determined by the prescriber.

Find out about Pearl Chemist Group’s Monitored Dosage Systems service to help you organise your medicines without worry or undue complication.  Our Monitored Dosage System basic pack can be added to your prescription with appropriate labelling and organisation of the medicines meaning you don’t have to worry.  Our website explains more

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