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How our repeat prescription service works

How our repeat prescription service works?

Repeat prescription services have revolutionised the health sector saving money and time for prescribers and making it much easier for patients to organise their long-term medication requirements.   It’s such a simple thing to do and can make repeat prescription a light work of the whole chore.  At Pearl Chemist Group, we offer an online repeat prescription service, take a look at our website which explains more.

How do our repeat prescription services work?
It couldn’t be easier.  Register an account with Pearl Chemist Group – we just require a few details for your online information.   Then order a prescription using your account and if your prescription needs approval, it will be sent to your GP’s surgerian.  In some circumstances, your GP may need to talk to you about it before the prescription is approved.  Your GP can then release a series of repeat prescriptions if the medicine is for long-term usage for a chronic condition that doesn’t need constant review.  These will automatically be sent through to Pearl Chemist Group and will be placed on your online account so you will not need to keep re-ordering them.  This is called Electronic Repeat Dispensing.

How will you receive your medication?
You can choose to collect in person or take advantage of our free delivery to your home.  Via your online account, you can alter the location of delivery of the medicine, so that it fits in with your daily life.

No computer?  No problem
Your doctor can send your prescriptions electronically to a nominated pharmacy and this can be done for one-off prescriptions or a run of repeat prescriptions.  You can collect the medicines or have them sent to your home address.

Pearl Chemist Group offers repeat prescription services so why not benefit from technology with a seamless service from your doctor to our pharmacy and then to your door?  Digitalised repeat prescriptions are faster and save the health service so much time and money.  Take a look at our website to see how online repeat prescriptions can work for you.

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