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Signs and Symptoms of Hernia

Signs and Symptoms of Hernia

At Pearl Chemist Group, we understand that illnesses and health conditions can affect you at different times in your life. Some people will be affected by a hernia and may look for hernia treatment to help alleviate symptoms. Our experienced staff can advise on alleviating the symptoms of a hernia, and when you should consider seeing a healthcare professional for further advice.

What is a Hernia?
A hernia is the abnormal movement of a tissue or organ through the wall of a cavity that usually contains it. This can result in an outpouching visible beneath the skin or can result in symptoms but no outward signs of the hernia. There are several types of hernia, all with different symptoms and requiring different management plans.

  1. Inguinal and Femoral Hernias

This type of hernia occurs in the groin area and results from the bowel or other organ slipping from within the abdomen towards the groin. The hernia can become strangulated, and hernia treatment surgery is often required to repair the weakness to secure the bowel within the abdomen once more.

  1. Hiatus Hernia (Hernia Stomach)

Part of the stomach slides into the chest rather than remaining in the abdomen. This can result in symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux and pain. Indigestion and reflux medications can help with the symptoms, and surgery is sometimes required.

  1. Umbilical Hernia

A hernia at the umbilicus (belly button) is often a result of pregnancy or obesity. Although they often do not cause harm, treatment is sometimes required.

  1. Incisional Hernia

These occur at the site of a surgical wound, where the wound has failed to heal properly, allowing organs or tissues to protrude at the site.The repair can be difficult as the skin is already weakened by surgery.

At Pearl Chemist, we can offer symptomatic control of some hernias which may reduce your need for invasive treatment; ask a pharmacist today for more information.

We offer a full range of health advice for the whole family and can even offer sexual health services in Wandsworth.

Choose Pearl Chemist Group for all your health needs.

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