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Why is Sexual Health Important?

Why is Sexual Health Important?

Although we might be good at taking care of many aspects of our health, when it comes to sexual health, it can be easy to bury our heads in the sand. A mixture of embarrassment, fear and shame can mean that attending for sexual health screening falls to the bottom of our ‘to-do’ lists. At Pearl Chemist Group, we offer sexual health services in Wandsworth to make looking after your sexual health as easy as possible.

Why Does Sexual Health Matter?
Like all aspects of health, it is important to keep your body healthy and to avoid illness where possible. A number of illnesses are transmitted sexually, and so when you begin a sexual relationship with a new partner, it is important to protect your body from infections and unplanned pregnancies. This may be through sexual health screening, and by using barrier methods of contraception including condoms. If you have any concerns about your sexual health, it is important to undergo STI testing before engaging in sexual activity, as this will prevent you from passing an infection on to someone else.

Sexual infections can develop into serious medical complications, and so it is important to diagnose and treat any illnesses as early as possible.

Sexual Health Services
Situated in the London borough of Wandsworth, our convenient clinic location allows you to take care of your sexual health locally. Our staff offer confidential, non-judgmental services regardless of your age, sex, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

When you see a sexual health advisor, they can offer STI testing on site, HIV testing, pregnancy tests, contraception including emergency contraception, and sexual health counselling. Our staff are fully trained in sexual health matters, and you can therefore feel reassured that they will offer clinical advice and guidance that is completely up to date.

Our staff are also able to assist with the eC-Card scheme which provides free condoms for young people, so there is no need to take risks with your, or your partner’s, health.

To benefit from our sexual health services, contact us today or visit us in Wandsworth for more information.

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