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sexual health during COVID-19

Your Health During COVID-19: Sexual Health

During the early part of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was evidence to suggest that people did not source health services in the same way as they had done before the arrival of Covid. The UK government is keen to make people aware that the NHS is still there for all the usual routine and serious conditions that it would expect to treat before the pandemic. One area which has noticed a dip in users are sexual health clinics. It is still as important as ever to look after your sexual health during COVID-19. If you are looking for sexual health services in Wandsworth then visit the Pearl Chemist Group website.

Sexual health help is still available even during lockdowns or when areas of the country are on tier restrictions which is likely to be the case when the current lockdown finishes. The importance of practising healthy sex and looking after your sexual health during COVID-19 does not diminish and your local sexual health clinic is there for guidance and support even amidst the pandemic.

What type of services can a sexual health clinic offer?

There exists a myriad of advice and support available including:

  • Testing for all the main Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Information and guidance on how to practice safe sex and stay safe
  • Contraceptive advice with free condoms available
  • Contraception including emergency contraception
  • Pregnancy testing
  • HIV testing
  • Advice and information about abortion

Not all clinics will offer every service so do check beforehand if you are planning a visit. Services are still available during the lockdown and tiered restrictions and there is plenty of free information online as well. Sexual health clinics can also be called Genitourinary medicine or GUM clinics or they are sometimes known as SRH or Sexual and Reproductive Health Services. Some clinics are appointment only, others offer a drop-in service but always phone first so you can find out the latest Covid protocols.

For sexual health services in Wandsworth, contact Pearl Chemist Group who provide advice and testing with a rapid and confidential service. Our website explains more

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