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COVID-19: Time to Quit Smoking

COVID-19: Time to Quit Smoking

The global Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how being in the best physical shape possible will make it easier to fight off Covid-19 should you contract the illness.  The message from the NHS is to lose weight, get fit and quit smokingSmoking has been highlighted as an area of particular concern because of the way Covid can attack the lungs and impair breathing; patients with pre-existing respiratory problems or who are smokers are far more vulnerable to serious health complications than those who don’t smoke.  Pearl Chemist Group offer a range of services to help those who want to stop smoking – we have Stop Smoking Services in Mitcham and a free stop smoking clinic in Streatham.

What can our stop smoking services offer to those who want to quit smoking?

We offer help and support provided by expert advisors who can suggest a range of proven and safe methods to help you stop smokingQuitting smoking is a journey and Pearl Chemist Group can support that road with accurate advice and information as well as ongoing professional support during the first few months as a non-smoker.  We can discuss a range of stop smoking treatments all available from our online pharmacy.  Enjoy one-to-one time, group support sessions and a free drop-in if you are struggling.  Use the threat of Covid-19 to follow up on that resolution to quit smokingThe first month cigarette free can often prove easier than subsequent months and our advisors can help you keep on the right path particularly when times are stressful or difficult and there is more temptation to reach for a cigarette.

For help in quitting smoking, contact our free stop smoking clinic in Streatham or our stop smoking services in Mitcham.  Enjoy confidential and impartial support alongside a range of products from our online pharmacy which can help you on your journey to a smoke-free zone.  Find out more on our website.

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