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Health Matters: Stop Smoking – What Works?

Health Matters: Stop Smoking – What Works?

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of illness and death in the UK. Each year, around 80,000 people die from smoking-related diseases with many more suffering with conditions caused by smoking. Smoking also increases your risk of developing more than 50 serious health conditions including many different types of cancer, heart disease and stroke, which can be fatal, plus other conditions which may cause irreversible damage to your health. Stopping smoking can be one of the best health decisions you will ever make but it is not easy and most people need support to quit.  Pearl Chemist Group offers stop smoking services in Mitcham and a free stop smoking clinic in Streatham.

Smoking Matters

Smoking matters not just for your own health but for those around you as passive smoking – where other people inhale your smoke – can be just as serious, particularly for children and pregnant women. So what are the benefits to you and your family if you stop smoking?

  • Quit smoking and you will breathe more easily, not suffering from a shortage of breath or exercise resistance
  • Stopping smoking will give you more energy
  • Stress levels reduce after a period of time without cigarettes
  • Quitting smoking will improve fertility
  • The senses of smell and taste will improve
  • Smoking ages the skin so if you quit smoking it can help improve your skin’s appearance

There are lots of different techniques to help people quit smoking including physical interventions like vaping and nicotine substitutes – patches, gum, nasal sprays and inhalers – plus smoking support, self-help tips and lifestyle changes. Everyone responds differently to the challenge of stopping smoking, so it is important to devise a plan which suits you with an experienced stop smoking adviser. Long-term support is essential, not just in the early days.

Pearl Chemist Group runs a free stop smoking clinic in Streatham and also stop smoking services in Mitcham both of which can offer practical advice and support to those who wish to quit smoking. Find more information on our website.

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