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How Long Does it Take to Stop Smoking?

How Long Does it Take to Stop Smoking?

When we quit smoking it seems like we will never stop craving cigarettes. Usually, that craving is the first and strongest sign of withdrawal but will fade the longer a person goes without smoking. It can be difficult to remain strong and stay committed to quitting without support behind you. Whether you buddy up with a friend or join a support group, it is strongly recommended that you find some support. If you are looking to join a stop smoking service, please consider Pearl Chemist Group. With our stop smoking services in Mitcham and a free stop smoking clinic in Streatham we offer you a multitude of supportive services to help you quit for good.

We applaud you for considering smoking cessation as we know how difficult it can be to take that first step and start looking up information as to how to do it. Statistically, you will have a better chance with support, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a go on your own. You can quit smoking, millions of people do it, so why not you?  Here are some top tips on how to quit smoking.

Make a Plan
Set out a plan for yourself. Set a date, stick to it.  Don’t cheat – it’s only cheating on yourself.  Also, it may help you to think ahead for times that trigger you. Is it your morning coffee?  The pub?  After dinner?  Make a plan for alternatives. What will you do at this time to avoid smoking?

There are lots of scientific studies that show that even a 5 minute walk or a stretch can cut cravings and may assist your brain with the production of anti-craving chemicals. Maybe this is something you can do in place of those trigger smokes?

Make a List of Reasons to Quit
If you need to, plaster your house with post it notes!  Remind yourself of your decision and commitment at any chance. Make a list of the positives you are achieving and set an alarm to go off on your phone to read this list if you have to. Do what you can to reinforce your decision daily.

Make Non Smoking Friends
How do I do that? Well, join a walking group or a hobby interest group that takes place indoors. Art, pottery, basket weaving even. It serves a double purpose of keeping your hands and mind busy as well as forming new habits other than smoking!

However you decide to quit, you can count on Pearl Chemist Group to provide support with our stop smoking clinic and service in Streatham and Mitcham. You can have a look on our website for more information

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