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How Stop Smoking Services Help You Quit Smoking

How Stop Smoking Services Help You Quit Smoking?

We all know that smoking puts our health at risk, but stopping the habit is easier said than done. Tobacco smoke contains over 5,000 chemicals, including nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. Nicotine can make you feel calm or satisfied, and as the levels of nicotine fall in the body, many smokers find themselves craving their next cigarette in order to feel relaxed again. The chemicals in cigarettes can damage every part of the body, and we are pleased to offer our stop smoking services in Mitcham Rd at Pearl Chemist Group.

Stop Smoking Clinics
At Pearl Chemist Group, we want to help you to give up smoking for good. We offer free stop smoking service at our clinic in Streatham to give you the confidence to ditch the habit for good and begin a new, healthier lifestyle. Our experienced staff can offer advice on the effects of smoking cigarettes on you and your family, and the benefits of stopping. They can also recommend nicotine replacement products including gum, patches and lozenges.

Stop Smoking Services Mitcham Rd
Smoking can affect the health of every member of your family or household, including pets. It can also place a huge financial burden upon you, and there are probably a great number of things you would rather be spending your hard-earned money on. Attending one of our free stop smoking clinics could be the best decision you ever make. From stained fingers and teeth to lung cancer, the effects of smoking are unpleasant and can seriously shorten your life. Let us help you in your quest to give up the cigarettes for a brighter future.

Flu Vaccination Earlsfield
As smoking can cause damage to your lungs and airways, it may be wise to attend for the flu vaccination this winter. Flu is a nasty virus that can leave you feeling unwell for weeks and can be more difficult for the body to fight if your respiratory system has been compromised by smoking. At Pearl Chemist Group, we offer the flu vaccine at a competitive price to anyone wishing to protect their health.

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