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How to help your Teenager quit smoking

How to help your Teenager quit smoking?

The younger someone is when they start smoking, the more damage their body will endure later on in life.  Smoking is a problem at any age with serious health implications but these are multiplied in young people.  If you have a teenager who smokes then use our Stop Smoking Services in Mitcham to help them quit.

It can be hard to convince a teenage kid to stop smoking particularly if they are exposed to social pressure. Here are some reasons for quitting they might find convincing:

  • Smoking decreases lung capacity so if you quit smoking you will feel healthier and less out of breath
  • You will save lots of money – cigarettes are expensive
  • The chemicals in cigarettes restrict the blood flow to the skin and the face will be much more wrinkled and saggy by the mid-twenties compared to someone who doesn’t smoke
  • Tobacco production accounts for nearly 5% of overall deforestation in the developing world so if you stop smoking you will be helping to save the planet
  • Someone who starts smoking at age 15, is far more likely to die of cancer than someone who starts smoking in their mid-20s
  • There is a proportional increase in the damage to your body the younger you start smoking
  • Smoking can damage your fertility and in women, increase the change of complications during pregnancy and labour also resulting in low birth weights. Babies with lower birth weights are more at risk of SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Kissing a smoker is horrible!

As part of our stop smoking services, we have a guide to quitting smoking which has lots of helpful and handy tips for teenagers to help them manage the cravings and get through those early few hours and days without a cigarette.  The advice includes hints like enlisting a friend. Making a pact with a friend is a valuable alliance to make when it comes to enouraging your teen to quit smoking.  It’s hard enough to succeed on willpower alone so using a stop smoking support service will considerably enhance your teenager’s chances of success.

Pearl Chemist Group can help your teenager quit smoking with our tried and tested Stop Smoking Services based in Mitcham.  There is more information on the website

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