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The Effects of Passive Smoking

There is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that passive smoking can increase the risk of nasal sinus cancer, throat cancer, larynx cancer and breast cancer. It is also implicated in long and short-term respiratory problems and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease- all issues that are manifesting in people who don’t actually smoke. If you are a smoker or live with someone who smokes, then you can stop smoking immediately with the support of our free stop smoking clinic in Streatham or visit our stop smoking services in Mitcham both of which have helped hundreds of people on their way to a smoke-free and healthier life.

What is Passive Smoking?

When you smoke a cigarette, pipe or cigar, most of the smoke doesn’t go into your lungs, it goes into the air around you where anyone else can breathe it in.  Secondhand smoke refers to the exhaled smoke plus the ‘sidestream’ smoke created by the lit end of a cigarette.

Passive smoking is when a smoker or non-smoker breathes in the smoke from other people’s cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Those who are particularly susceptible to the effects of passive smoking are unborn babies, children and infants and those with underlying health conditions such as respiratory problems. People who breathe in secondhand smoke regularly are more likely to contract the same diseases as smokers including lung cancer and heart disease. Pregnant women exposed to passive smoking have a higher risk of premature birth or having a baby of a lower birth weight which can be more prone to cot death.

The best way to avoid exposing your friends and family to the effects of passive smoking is to stop smoking immediately. There is a lot of advice online about how to quit smoking easily and one of the most easy ways to quit smoking is to use a stop smoking clinic or service. They can support you on the journey to a smoke-free life and will have all the information and guidance you need on the different techniques and products available.

If you want to stop smoking to protect your health and the health of those around you then take advantage of our free stop smoking clinic in Streatham. We also offer stop smoking services in Mitcham. Discover the easy way to quit smoking by learning more on our website

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