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Are Travel Vaccinations Safe During Pregnancy

Are Travel Vaccinations Safe During Pregnancy?

The general rule is that it is best to avoid travelling to countries which may require you to have a vaccination whilst you are pregnant. Travel vaccinations when pregnant are not recommended and the way to avoid the risk is to simply not travel to those countries, if at all possible.  If you want more advice and information about safe travel vaccines while you are expecting a baby, then contact Pearl Chemist Group’s travel clinic in Banstead or travel clinic in Wimbledon.

Live vaccines are thought to pose the greatest risk of all vaccinations during pregnancy as the vaccine contains a small amount of live virus which could potentially harm the baby. Live vaccines include:

  • MMR – Measles, Mumps and Rubella which may be a problem in the destination country
  • BCG vaccination which protects against Tuberculosis
  • Oral Typhoid
  • Yellow Fever
  • Oral Polio

If there is a high risk of contracting the disease in the area you are travelling to, then it is often still safer to have the vaccine rather than travel unprotected if travel is unavoidable.  This is because the disease, should you contract it, will prove more harmful to the baby than any vaccine.

Pregnancy and malaria

Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to malaria which can pose very serious and potentially fatal risks to an expectant mother and their unborn child. This is one of the travel vaccinations that you should review carefully with your healthcare professional when pregnant.

Malaria is found in Africa, South and Central America, Asia and the Middle East. If you are travelling to one of these countries, then you should take steps to protect yourself against biting insects, but remember, you should only use mosquito repellents recommended for use during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and would like up to date advice about vaccination requirements based on your destination country, then contact our travel clinic in Wimbledon. PCG also has a travel clinic in Banstead. There is more information on our website about the vaccinations currently available in the UK and also on those which are not recommended in pregnancy.

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