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How long does travel vaccine last?

How long does travel vaccine last?

It is one of the pharmacist’s most frequently asked questions, how long before my travel do I need vaccinations?  There is no one simple answer to this question because each disease has a different vaccination protocol and some vaccinations may need to be given as early as three months before travel and others can be taken at last minute.  The Pearl Chemist Group can provide comprehensive advice about all the different vaccinations at their Travel Clinic in Tooting.

How to determine when to have your vaccine
There will be information online about which vaccinations are recommended for the areas that you are travelling to.  If you are in doubt, have a conversation with your GP or the pharmacist at our Travel Clinic in Tooting.  Each disease will have a different recommended vaccination course, here are some of the most common vaccinations for foreign travel:-

  • Cholera – this vaccine is usually given as a drink in two separate doses taken 1-6 weeks apart. The final dose of the vaccine should be given around a week before you travel
  • Hepatitis A vaccination – the vaccination against Hepatitis A is given as a single injection with a second dose between six and twelve months later. Two doses will protect you for at least twenty years.  Ideally, the first dose should be given around two weeks before your departure date but it can be given on the day of departure if need be
  • Hepatitis B – this is a course of three injections which can be administered over a period as short as three weeks or a window of six months. A combined vaccination for both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B is available if you are travelling to certain parts of the world
  • Rabies vaccination – three injections before travel usually given over twenty-eight days

How long do vaccines last?
The window of protection will vary according to the disease which the vaccination is designed to offer protection against.  Ask the pharmacist when you book your appointment at our Travel Clinic in Tooting, how long on average the cover will protect you for.  There is more information on the website

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