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Multi-Faceted Benefits of Timely Visiting Travel Clinics

Multi-Faceted Benefits of Timely Visiting Travel Clinics

If you are travelling abroad then a travel clinic can provide specific and relevant up-to-the-minute guidance on which diseases you should protect against based on your choice of destination. Pearl Chemist Group has an established travel clinic in Wimbledon and also a travel clinic in Banstead, for all your immunisation and disease prevention requirements wherever you are travelling to in the world.

Most people think of travel clinics as just providing a vaccination service but actually, they offer so much more. The benefits of travel clinics include:

  • A travel vaccination clinic can provide you with the most current recommendations for immunisations as well as ensuring you are up-to-date with vaccinations for routine diseases like measles or flu which you are much more likely to contract in busy crowded travel centres like airports and train stations
  • A travel vaccination clinic can recommend medicines to combat illnesses you may be exposed to whilst you are abroad and specific to your country of destination. This can include medicines for illnesses typically contracted from mosquito bites, travel sickness remedies and treatments for sickness and diarrhoea
  • The pharmacist can educate you about food and water safety based on your end destination. This includes eating safe food, drinking safe water and avoiding fresh fruit and vegetables unless you have done the cooking or peeling yourself
  • They can help you travel safely if you already have specific health requirements which may be compromised or challenged by travelling and increased by exposure to other diseases
  • They can discuss safe travel habits with you. Some people when they are on holiday, make health decisions they wouldn’t necessarily make when they are at home

Take advantage of all the benefits of travel clinics and protect your travel health with the latest recommendations and guidance from your professional pharmacy service.

Pearl Chemist Group offers travel clinics in Wimbledon and in Banstead. Travel safely with the most current health guidelines with a full suite of vaccinations available and other medications and advice if you are travelling with pre-existing health conditions. Visit our comprehensive website to find out more

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