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The Essential Travel Checklist

The Essential Travel Checklist

Travelling abroad requires preparation and organisation particularly as the UK prepares to leave the EU. Experienced travellers will have an essential list of useful travel accessories which they wouldn’t be caught without that is honed after years of travelling to different destinations. Concerning health, your destination country may require you to have specific vaccinations or you might have queries about how to manage pre-existing health conditions whilst you are abroad. Pearl Chemist Group runs a travel clinic in Banstead and a travel clinic in Wimbledon for all your foreign travel needs.

Essential Things to Pack for Travelling

It is ideal to keep certain items with you on the plane but there will be some travel essentials that you may not be allowed to carry on the flight in your hand luggage.

  • Keep a small first aid kit in your hand luggage, that includes standard anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen and Paracetamol, tablets for diarrhoea, hand gel, antiseptic wipes,  insect repellent and treatments for bites and stings
  • If you are travelling with pre-existing health conditions then make sure you have enough of your regular medication and discuss with your GP or pharmacist whether you need to take any additional precautions
  • Carry plenty of hand sanitizer gel and sanitising wipes so you can wipe down your seat and food tray on the plane – these were essential before Covid and are even more necessary now
  • A water purifier bottle which cuts down on endless plastic waste means you can also access safe water to drink no matter where you are

Other useful travel accessories include a document organiser where you can safely store your travel documentation and passport in one location. An international travel adaptor is essential for the modern tourist – these can accommodate five devices at once and work in over 150 countries.

Check your current vaccination status here in the UK – you may not have been immunised against certain childhood diseases which could be endemic in the country you are travelling to.

Pearl Chemist Group can advise on the necessary vaccination requirements for your country of choice and also provide information on how to stay safe whilst you are travelling with regard to hygiene protocols and avoiding insect bites. Visit our travel clinic in Banstead or our travel clinic in Wimbledon for comprehensive and professional advice. There is more information on our website.

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