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When Should I Start Thinking About Planning for my Travel Vaccines?

When Should I Start Thinking About Planning for my Travel Vaccines?

The most important element of getting travel vaccines is planning ahead, so you have time to take advice on the vaccines you may need and also allow for sufficient time to have all of the recommended shots as sometimes a course is needed. For all the vaccine advice you could want for you and your family, consult PCG’s travel clinic in Tooting.

What vaccines do I need?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and there are two factors which dictate the answer:

  • Where you are travelling to
  • What is your current health status including your vaccination history

Different countries raise different requirements for travel vaccines and it can also depend on where you are staying within a country, for how long, the time of year you are travelling in and what ready access there is to medical facilities at your destination.

Your age, current health status and vaccination record may also be relevant to the pharmacist’s assessment. For example, there are parts of the world where measles is endemic – there have been a high number of reported cases in parts of Africa. If you haven’t had a measles inoculation in your life then this probably won’t trouble you in the UK but it could impact your travel plans if you are visiting an area where the disease is not under control. The pharmacist is there to assess your vaccination history and spot any gaps that might be relevant.

Some people have other underlying health conditions which makes travel vaccinations even more crucial. A disease which compromises immunity or other illness like cancer may mean a person will be susceptible to and suffer more serious consequences with a travel-acquired disease.

How long do travel vaccines last?

Some vaccinations such as the one for Cholera should be repeated if more than a two-year interval has elapsed and this will depend on your age. In contrast, the vaccination for Yellow Fever which used to be repeated every ten years has now been found to offer lifelong immunity.

For all the latest recommended guidance visit PCG’s travel clinic in Tooting. Your pharmacist will have up-to-date information on the vaccination protocol for the region that you are visiting and can advise you on how to stay safe whilst you are abroad from things like mosquito-borne diseases. There is more information available on our website

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