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Which Vaccinations Should I Consider before Visiting India

Which Vaccinations Should I Consider before Visiting India?

Travel is one of the greatest adventures of modern life and you may spend months or even years planning the trip of a lifetime to India. Whilst it’s easy to get caught up in booking flights and accommodation or planning excursions, it’s important to ensure you leave enough time for travel vaccinations before leaving the UK. Our travel clinic south west London offers a comprehensive service so you can be sure your health is protected before you arrive in India.

Travel Immunization Clinic
At our travel clinics across London, you can be sure of the highest standard of care. We stock a range of travel vaccines and medications that may be required for worldwide travel.

When visiting India, you may need to consider the following vaccinations to prevent illness:

  • Hepatitis A – an illness that is spread through poor hand hygiene and in areas with poor sanitation. Hepatitis causes liver damage and jaundice.
  • Hepatitis B – spread through sexual contact or contaminated medical equipment such as needles, the liver damage can last for months.
  • Typhoid – a bacterial infection caused by Salmonella, this disease causes a high fever, headaches and digestive disruption. It requires antibiotic treatment.
  • Rabies – spread by mammals including dogs, it causes abnormal behaviour, confusion and aggression. Rabies can be fatal once symptoms begin.
  • Meningitis – an infection that affects the lining of the brain and spinal cord, meningitis can cause severe neurological damage including weakness and deafness.

All of these illnesses are easily prevented by vaccination at our clinic prior to leaving the UK.

Travel Vaccination
At Pearl Chemist Group, we understand that every trip abroad is different. Our pharmacists take time to understand the nature of your trip, and to identify which illnesses you may be at risk of, and which vaccinations you might therefore require. Our staff can also provide advice on other aspects of travel health including anti-malarial medication, mosquito nets, sun protection and suitable drinking water.

For all of your travel health needs, visit our travel clinic south west London today.

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