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Why are travel clinic services important?

Why are travel clinic services important?

Travel is a great way to explore new places, foods and cultures, but requires careful planning and preparation. If you’re venturing beyond the UK, be sure to include a visit to a travel immunisation clinic on your travel to-do list. You don’t want to be worried about contracting a serious disease from another part of the world while enjoying your vacation.

Why should I visit a travel clinic?
Many diseases are preventable simply through vaccination. By visiting your local travel clinic in Banstead, you can receive advice on what travel immunisations are needed for the location you plan on visiting.

A travel clinic professional can advise you on what travel vaccinations are needed for your trip, and how long in advance of travel you need to get them. You may be more at risk for contracting travel diseases if you are on a long trip, have existing health issues or will be travelling in rural areas. Clinics can help ensure your safety by providing yellow fever vaccine, travel injections for typhoid, hepatitis A, cholera and more.

When making your plans, remember that the preventative effects of a vaccine are not always immediate, and some require multiple doses spread out over time. To allow ample time to ensure the vaccination protection you need, plan to see your family doctor or travel clinic at least eight weeks before you board your plane.

What do travel vaccinations cost?
Most travel immunisations must be paid for privately. The cost of your travel vaccinations will depend on what you need, and how many doses you require. Your health is an important investment. When planning for your trip, be sure to allow enough room in your budget to cover potential travel immunisation costs. Although you may be tempted to skip immunisations to save money, your health is not an area to take chances or cut corners.

Being prepared and discussing your travel needs with your doctor or travel clinic professional will put your mind at ease. The last thing any traveller wants is to get sick or need medical care on vacation in a foreign country. Vaccines are safe, readily available and a powerful tool to allow protecting us as we explore the world safely. Get your travel immunisation advice today, and happy travelling.

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  • Simon Walt
    2 years ago

    Thank you for this informational post. I always do my research & find out my options before travelling somewhere new. Now my question is – I had travelled to Thailand in the year 2014 and had received the shots for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, cholera and yellow fever. Now again I need to travel to the same location soon, do I need to get all these shots again? Kindly advise.