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Why Travel Vaccination is so Important Before Travel

Why Travel Vaccination is so Important Before Travel?

Now that travel is opening up again, you may be considering what your long awaited holiday plans will look like.  You may be required to travel for work on a more consistent basis.  No matter your reason for travel, it is important, maybe now more than ever, to take into consideration vaccination requirements that pertain to your destination. If you are in Wimbledon, Kingston Upon Thames or Tooting, Pearl Chemist Group has a Travel Clinic you can visit to receive all of your necessary vaccination information and guidance.

Depending on your destination, there may be vaccination requirements. You may need what is called an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP).  Some common certificates are for polio, yellow fever and meningitis. A yellow fever certificate would be required if you travel to India, Australia or Egypt, for example. If you are travelling to Pakistan or Nigeria and plan to stay for more than 28 days, you’ll need a polio vaccination certificate.  Whilst there is talk of COVID vaccination passports, there is no international system in place yet. Most countries have combined vaccination, testing and quarantine for COVID management.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization there were 1.46 BILLION tourists worldwide in 2019. The World Bank says, in 2019, the world population was 7.67 billion people. That’s nearly 20% of the world’s population travelling.  Each with different diseases, access to medical care, vaccines and other factors.  As we have all seen with the pandemic, that 20% can have a devastating effect on the rest of the world population if it carries a bug into a community that would be destroyed by it.  For this reason, countries have taken preventative measures by putting vaccination requirements in place to ensure nobody is carrying in disease that will harm their population or their visitors.

On a practical note, you simply may be turned away or denied boarding if you do not meet the vaccination requirements of your destination country.

For a full list of countries that require vaccinations, as well as what vaccinations they require, you can download the World Health Organization document here.

For comprehensive vaccination advice and services in Wimbledon, Kingston Upon Thames and Tooting, Pearl Chemist Group has knowledgeable practitioners at your service for worry free travel no matter your destination.  Visit us online today to book your appointment.

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