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What are the 3 Steps to Help with Weight Management?

What are the 3 Steps to Help with Weight Management?

Weight loss management is one of the most important challenges you can take on in your life. Appropriate body weight is an important factor to maintaining good health and living a good life. Being overweight can lead to disease, chronic illness and early death. If you are overweight, it may be worthwhile to seek a weight management service for adults. Pearl Chemist Group has adult weight management services in London to assist and support your endeavor.

What are 3 steps that help with weight management?
Focus beyond the scale:  Whilst the BMI scale is a good place to start in determining whether your weight is a risk for health problems or can be problematic, it is a grey area.  BMI does not take into consideration the density of your bones nor measure overall fat or lean tissue content. Muscle, whilst pound for pound, weighs the same as fat, however is more dense. People who are heavier, have denser bones and if they are busy and active, may develop a good deal of muscle underneath fat in order to carry extra weight around.

Count calories:  this is a time-tested way to lose weight and manage weight. Some people believe that this is an outdated method of weight loss, but studies have shown that counting calories is still one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Your body requires a certain number of calories just to function every day – breathing, organ function and so forth. You need further calories for daily functions and activities including working out. A calorie deficit is required to lose weight.

Stay a day ahead of your meals:  this is called meal prep. If you can prep your meals and snacks at least one day ahead of time, then you will be prepared for it and you will not be deterred from your weight loss management plan no matter the distraction. Some great easy meals and snacks are:

  • Grilled chicken and roasted vegetables
  • Tuna (plain) with grilled sweet potatoes
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Grass fed jerky
  • Hummus with veggies 
  • Frozen or fresh fruit

Weight loss management is more successful with support, guidance and accountability.  Pearl Chemist Group has weight management services for adults in London and the UK. Visit us online to book your appointment and get started with your journey to better health today!

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