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Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test

For fast covid test results, we offer rapid antigen tests

Also known as the Lateral Flow test, the Rapid Antigen Test is a viral swab test used to detect the presence of Covid-19. With a rapid method of analysis, you can get the results you need right away.

Our Covid-19 Antigen tests are easy to use,

with fast results. No need to wait around for lengthy delays – enjoy a quick and efficient service at our community pharmacies.

The Rapid Antigen Swab can give you reliable results in as soon as 30 minutes without the need for any samples to be sent away for analysis. This type of test works best when there is a high level of antigens present in a person infected with Covid-19.

If you’re looking for local private Covid testing, then visit your local Pearl Chemist Group pharmacy – visit to find your nearest branch.

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How Do Rapid Antigen Tests Work?

Rapid Antigen tests, or lateral flow tests, are a fast and reliable diagnostic method to determine whether someone has an active Covid-19 infection. An antigen is a substance that the body views as dangerous or harmful. When an Antigen test is done for Covid-19, it checks whether the coronavirus protein fragments are present in the sample.

A long, sterile cotton swab is used to take samples from either the throat or nose. A liquid solution is then added to the sample and this mixture is dripped onto the test strip. Your results will be ready in 15-30 minutes and will be visible on the test.

Because there needs to be a certain amount of the virus present for a positive test result, Rapid Antigen tests are ideal for people who are at the peak of their infection and who are more likely to be contagious. If you receive a positive test result, this means you have a higher viral load and are infectious. To prevent the spread of the virus, you should take steps against potentially exposing others.

Are Rapid Antigen Tests Accepted for Travel?

Because the rules for travel are constantly changing, you should stay on top of any restrictions and requirements for the countries you will be visiting. Some countries accept negative Rapid Antigen test results for travellers. Most countries, however, require a negative PCR test result. PCR tests are considered the gold standard in Covid-19 testing. They are more sensitive than Rapid Antigen tests and are less likely to give a false-negative, but the results take longer.

Pearl Chemist Group also offers PCR Covid-19 tests and Fit for Travel certificates. Click here to find out more about our travel clinic and PCR test services.

Private Rapid Antigen Tests from Pearl Chemist Group

The Antigen test is recommended for people showing signs and symptoms of Covid-19 because they are more likely to have a viral load high enough for an accurate test. If you receive a positive Antigen test, you can trust the result. However, if you don’t have a high enough viral load you may receive a false-negative test even if you do have Covid-19.

Rapid Antigen tests are no longer provided free of charge from the NHS. If you need a testing kit or want to have in-person testing, you will need to contact a private pharmacy or clinic offering the service. If you are located in London, you can get Covid-19 testing at one of Pearl Chemist Group’s testing clinics. Our highly trained clinicians can help you with obtaining fast and affordable Covid-19 testing in the UK.

For privately conducted Rapid Antigen Swab Tests in London for detecting antigens in the presence of Covid-19, please get in touch with your local Pearl Chemist Group pharmacy including branches located in Wimbledon, Morden, Tolworth, Banstead and Wandsworth. Appointments for the Rapid Antigen Test are not required but are recommended for your safety.

For more information on the Covid Screening we offer and to find a participating branch near you, please visit us online at

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