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Intolerance Test


What is Food Intolerance Testing?

Food intolerance testing identifies specific foods that cause discomfort or adverse reactions in your body. This testing helps determine which foods you struggle to digest or metabolise, leading to symptoms like bloating and headaches, without involving the immune system like food allergies do.

What are the Common Conditions Identified by Food Intolerance Testing?

Common issues found through food intolerance testing include lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity, and reactions to food additives like sulfites or MSG. Sometimes, you might react to certain carbohydrates, proteins, or chemicals in foods, leading to gas, diarrhoea, or fatigue. Knowing what foods cause these problems can greatly improve your life.

Benefits of Food Intolerance Testing

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Intolerance Testing
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What are the Benefits of Food Intolerance Testing?

Food intolerance testing gives you many benefits. It helps you make smart choices about what you eat, which can stop those chronic symptoms and make you feel better overall. Also, by avoiding foods that upset your stomach, you can improve your digestive health and avoid misdiagnosed health issues.

How to Get Food Intolerance Tested?

You can get tested for food intolerances in two ways:

  • Collection from Your Location: Contact us and we will arrange to collect your test samples from home.
  • Book an Appointment: You can book an appointment to provide your test samples at one of our branches listed below.


What to Expect During Your Food Intolerance Testing Appointment?

At your appointment, you can choose how to get tested:



One of our trained pharmacists will take a quick saliva swab and will return the test results to you within five working days.



Let one of our trained pharmacists administer a pinprick test, with results back in five working days or less (you can also conduct your own test at home if you wish).

Customer Experiences That Speak for Themselves

Which Pearl Chemist Group Branches Offer This Service?

Pearl Chemist Group offers food intolerance testing at several convenient locations. You can visit us at any of the following branches:

  • Abbey Pharmacy
  • Rogers Pharmacy
  • Barrons Chemist
  • Barkers Chemist
  • C Bradbury Chemist
  • C E Harrod
  • Dumlers Pharmacy
  • Earlsfield Pharmacy
  • Fairoak Pharmacy
  • Haria Pharmacy
  • Harland Chemist
  • Lords Pharmacy Merton
  • Lords Pharmacy Tooting
  • Nelson Pharmacy
  • Northcote Pharmacy
  • Pearl Chemist Banstead
  • Pearl Chemist Byfleet
  • Pearl Chemist Cobham
  • Pearl Chemist Epsom
  • Pearl Chemist Tolworth
  • Pearl Chemist Tooting
  • Wandsworth Pharmacy
  • Wimbledon Pharmacy
  • WJ Boyes Pharmacy



Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Food allergies involve the immune system and can cause severe reactions, whereas food intolerances usually result in digestive issues without immune involvement.

A: Food intolerance testing is highly accurate when conducted under proper medical supervision and with reliable methods such as blood or saliva tests.

A: Yes, children of all ages can be tested for food intolerances. Early identification can help improve their dietary habits and overall health.

A: Results are typically available within five working days, allowing for quick and effective dietary adjustments.

A: Identifying and eliminating foods that your body cannot tolerate can improve metabolic processes and digestive health, potentially aiding in weight management.

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