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Photo Studio

Photo Studio

Professional Photo and Art Printing

Let the picture speak for itself.
Using only the finest paper and processes, our prints will take your breath away with their detail, colour accuracy and impact. We offer a wide range of high-quality photo poster printing services to both private and commercial customers across London.

PRINT BIG! – Print your iPhone, Android and Digital SLR photos

Our great choice of photo formats help to preserve your favourite memories forever as prints. From glossy to matte, metallic to speciality black and white, our real photo prints live up to the highest of expectations. We’re well-known in South London for printing, framing and mounting.

  • Wedding/Event Photo

    Wedding/Event Photo Framing

    Preserve your memories for generations with our award-winning Professional Photo printing and framing service.

  • Family Portraits

    Family Portraits

    Get yourself a family photo wall with an assortment of photos of your loved ones. Our frames are all of the highest quality to make your photos look amazing!

  • Archive photo restoration

    Archive photo restoration

    Bring your damaged photos back to life. We specialise in digital photo restorations, and repairing old photos with quality photo retouching.

  • Design and Printing

    Design and Printing

    Our team will assist you with anything you need. Your final printed piece will look amazing and be perfectly suited for your business or event.

  • Passport and Visa

    Passport and Visa photo

    Just provide us with your photos, we’ll do everything else. We have exact photo requirements for passport photos, visa photos and IDs around the world.

  • Film development

    Film development

    With the option of bigger prints or a CD of all your photos, you can get great digital images no matter what type of camera you've used to take them.

Try One-Thumb Printing

Try One-Thumb Printing

Tap, tap, done! Get the FUJIFILM app and print photos directly from your phone.

Why us? Why us?
Unlimited Fuji Storage

Unlimited Fuji Storage

Simply download the Fujifilm Imagine App and enter store code: PEARL

Why us? Why us?

Is your phone full of photos?
Are you worried about losing your photos?


Why us?

  • Peerless Quality
    Printed with professional level quality and perfect brilliance, we give you optimal results and radiantly beautiful photos.

  • Expert Advice
    Let us know what you’re planning and we will ensure it turns out perfectly.

  • Guaranteed
    We guarantee high-quality, excellent service with every order. So when you need a job doing right, we’re the perfect choice.

  • 24hr Delivery
    We know that time is of the essence for most people, that’s why we offer quick, easy delivery on most orders. Alternatively, you can collect them in store.

Why us?

More about us

Whether you need to print a wedding photo, recent holiday snap, family portrait or prefer a piece from your photo collection, you can be sure you’ll get quality and satisfaction from the PCG Photo Lab.

From the paper we use for printing to the materials used in our frames, canvas prints and block mounts, you’ll leave satisfied with our service.