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"Prevention is better than cure". We all know that the key to having a great health is regular health check-ups. If you are a resident of Morden or stay in central London above the age of 40, you can visit PCG for health checks and screenings.

We can achieve good health by implementing positive steps in our lifestyle. Habits such as regular exercise, eating a well-balanced diet, having a healthy sleep cycle and quitting habits like smoking can go a long way in building and maintaining good health.

To stay ahead of the game, along with more active and healthy lifestyle, one should maintain a regular schedule for health checks. For residents of Morden or central London looking for private health checks, will find excellent healthcare services with us at Pearl Chemist Group of clinics.

At our private clinic, we offer health checks known widely as health screenings. Our services include medical checkups for cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and many other medical scans. For instance, pearl chemist group have their expert team of pharmacists who are specially trained to provide the best health check service.

When you considerhealth checks, you should think of a comprehensive set of health services. The services should include BMI measurement (body mass index) too, which addresses patients that need to bring a change in their lifestyle to improve health. The NHS generally funds the services and is free of cost for patients of specific categories:

  • Over the age of 40.
  • You are not diagnosed with a heart condition.
  • You do not have diabetes or any cholesterol medication.
  • Diabetic patients.

Pearl Chemist Group understands the importance of regular health checks. In our pharmacies, private services such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels are checked at an average fee. Diabetic screening services are also provided.

At PCG, health checks are aimed at the well-being and healthy lifestyle of their patients. With quality and accuracy, the health checks motivate patients to work through the right decisions for a further happy, healthy and longer life.

For further information on private health check, call us today 020 4758 1067.

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