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Monitored Dosage Systems

monitored dosage scheme

We have many patients throughout our group who take multiple medications at varied times of day. Juggling these medicine intake schedules can sometimes create confusion for patients and carers charged with the difficulty of keeping up with what medication to take and when.

Our Monitored Dosage System helps you to stay on top of your medication routine without the worry of taking the wrong pill at the wrong time.

What is a Monitored Dosage System?

A Monitored Dosage System is a method of dispensing your medication so we can help you keep track of what to take and when to take it. Your medication is put inside a special tray which has labelled compartments by days of the week.

Who could Benefit?

  • Patients taking large quantities of different medications.
  • Patients who find it hard to remember what and when to take their medicine.
  • Patients with restricted use of their hands, for example those suffering with arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease or M.S.
  • Patients who have complex medicine regimes meaning they have to take different medications on different days.
  • Patients who are partially sighted.

What Will the Pharmacy Do?

Once we have received a prescription from your Doctor, we will pack the medication into a Monitored Dosage System container and label it appropriately. This will be supplied to the patient on a weekly basis or as specified by the prescriber.

Pearl Chemist Group also offers Pharmacy services to local residential and nursing homes which includes delivering Monitored Dosage Systems and giving advice on using, storing and disposing of medicines safely.

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