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Travel Clinic Tooting

Pearl Chemist Group is a chain of clinics situated all over London. If you stay in Tooting, then you can easily access our travel clinic services.

Whilst we pride ourselves in providing most NHS services, we specialise in offering travel clinic and immunisation services as well. Wherever destination of choice may be, it is essential to be immunised for a safe and healthy trip. Knowing what travel vaccinations to take and when is where our team can help.

When should you visit a travel health clinic in Tooting?

Travelling is a beautiful experience but involves a lot of health risks especially if you are travelling abroad.

It exposes you to a variety of bacteria, some of which are disease causing and can be life threatening. Travel vaccinations, when administered, create an immunity barrier for diseases and hence help prevent infection. We advise you to visit us at least 6 to 8 weeks before your travel since some vaccinations require multiple injections to be administered over a span of time.

We also accommodate requests from last minute travellers. Foreign countries, especially Asia and Central America, require many vaccinations including yellow fever, hepatitis, typhoid, MMR and others.

We are a specialist for travel clinic services in Tooting and our team is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive travel health services. Our services include travel vaccinations and travel medication as well as detailed, specialist advice tailored to your travel plans. We also can carry out occupational health vaccines and specialist immunisations.

Our clinic thrives upon our dedicated professionals; most of them are qualified registered clinicians and are capable of dealing with complex itineraries for everyone including families, student travellers and business professionals. Our team can help give you confidence in your travel plans when they begin with immunisations.

We provide a complete range of travel vaccinations along with private health consultations to ensure that our patients are in great health before commencing their trip. We source an abundance of vaccines such as typhoid and harder to source vaccines such as Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever and Hepatitis A.

Call us for more information on our travel clinic services 020 4758 1067.