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Travel Clinic Wimbledon

Travelling in itself is a wonderful experience which allows you to explore the versatility of this planet.

However, in the last few decades, a spike has been observed in travel related illnesses and also for diseases like Ebola and Malaria whose lethal capacity is known to everyone.

Apart from the above mentioned diseases, there are much more dangerous diseases present on the planet. Most of these diseases are totally preventable with appropriate immunisation and vaccination.

Travel clinics in Wimbledon are an important part of your pre-vacation schedule. Getting immunised according to your destination will provide you complete immunity from a variety of travel related illnesses. When you visit a travel clinic, the health technician will ask about your destination of choice and suggest vaccinations according to it.

Our Pearl Chemist Group aims to eradicate travel related illnesses from the UK. We advise our customers to visit us much in advance so we have enough time to administer the right vaccination. Also, acquiring immunity for some diseases is not as easy. It requires multiple shots to be administered over a period of time to acquire full immunity.

Pearl Chemist Group of travel clinics are located in the heart of London and are easy access to the residents of Wimbledon and Wimbledon village. Our health experts understand your needs and advise you vaccination accordingly. We also help our customers understand the importance of good hygiene practices while on the trip and advise them to consume food from clean, hygienic sources. One must avoid drinking tap water during the trip as this can cause expose you to health hazards like typhoid and other water borne diseases.

We are a proud group of pharmacies that provide reliable NHS and travel clinic services to the residents of Wimbledon and Wimbledon village. Besides, you can rely on us to provide the necessary guidance on each stage of your trip to prevent any health hazard. You can book an appointment with us 6 to 8 weeks prior to your trip for a private consultation with our travel experts.

For further information on travel related illnesses, please call 020 4758 1067.